3 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When The Journey Gets Tough.

Season 4, Episode 33- The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast

It’s not a question of “If you’ll become tired,” it’s a question of “When you become tired.” As much as we’d like to say we have the strength to handle the trials of foster care and adoption, the reality is, it can take the life out of you. How do you take care of yourself when this happens?


Time and time again we find ourselves hitting the wall emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We love our kids so deep, it makes the deepest ocean look like a puddle. This is never a question in our mind. But, along the way, we run out of gas. There are seasons when our children’s special needs wear us thin. Or, the day in and day out battles of parenting break us. We need rest.

Fortunately, we’ve made a few big realizations about us, and in turn, formulated a plan to find rest in the middle of (not in-spite of) the journey. On today’s episode, we share 3 ways you can find rest, and take care of yourself on the sometimes weary, exhausting journey of foster care and adoption…

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Notes and Quotes From The Show.

The 3 steps we walk you through in the teaching portion of this episode are from our online series for parents called The Resting Place. If you’d like to follow along, you can download the outline we used in the session and follow along…

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Links and Resources.

We mentioned in the episode that, for a limited time, you can get access to our online course designed to help weary parents find rest, called The Resting Place, for just $47. This is full access to the highest owner level (normally $97) for only $47. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. No need to ever re-purchase. So, even when we upgrade and raise the price in the future, you’ll receive the upgrades, but never have to pay anything more!

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Question: Have you found yourself worn out, exhausted, or defeated on the journey? Share your story with us in the comment section below… You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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