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We are Mike and Kristin Berry and Confessions Of A Parent is our blog. We are so excited that you’ve logged on. We hope you enjoy the content, and find it applicable to your life and your family! Keep reading to learn more about us, our family, why this blog exists, and how we can help you find hope, healing, and a little bit of humor on the parenting journey.


Why this blog exists.

Let us begin by telling you why it doesn’t exist! It was not created to be another “how to” on the parenting road. There are tons of blogs, books, television shows, conferences, specialists, and seminars that provide all the help you can find on parenting. Most of them are pretty good. In fact, some of them are extremely good!

Confessions Of A Parent is different. It was created from a realization that parenting is hard. REALLY hard! Sometimes parents just need to know there are others crawling through the same trench they are. Some of the most healing and hopeful moments come when you find out you’re not alone. We are passionate about sharing one powerful and transforming truth with parents around the globe: “You’re not alone. We’ve struggled on this difficult journey. There is hope!”

This blog exists to be an “I know, I’ve been there, you’re not alone” on the parenting journey.

We write weekly here. We usually post twice a week, but every now and then, we’ll post 3 times. We also have a fun thing called Tantrum Tuesday that’s posts nearly every week! You can get our latest posts delivered straight to your email inbox by subscribing!  As a thank you for joining, we’ll give you access to our FREE video series, Creating Your Adoption Roadmap. Click below to join…

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A Little More About Us…

We have been married almost 16 years and are raising 8 amazing children, all of whom have been adopted. We’ve learned a lot from our 13 years of parenthood. Because of this, we are committed to helping overwhelmed parents find hope and humor on the [sometimes] difficult journey of parenting. We do this by speaking honestly about the trials and challenges we’ve faced. Along with being adoptive parents, we also served as foster parents for 8 years. Both of us have spent several years blogging and writing. We also have 17 years experience as public speakers and family consultants. You can schedule us to speak at your event by visiting our speaker page. We would love to serve your organization in any way we can.

Get In Contact With Us…

We love to dialogue with parents all over the world. It’s one of the greatest payoffs of having a blog on parenting as far as we’re concerned. If you have questions or need advice, here are some great ways to connect with us:

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Our Writing & Sharing Policy…

We love to share honest stories and experiences on this blog. The number of parents we’ve interacted with over the past year have made it all worth it. We also know that many folks have great content to share. However, we do not accept unsolicited guest posts for this blog. As much as we’d like to, we have tons of content to share already, plus a small circle of bloggers who guest post for Confessions Of A Parent. We’re confident there are tons of great writers out there with a message to share. We don’t want to hold you back, so, feel free to send guest post submissions to another blog that accepts them. You won’t hurt our feelings. Promise! 🙂 DSC_3054 We get many requests to share full posts or excerpts from some of the posts we’ve written. It’s truly one of our biggest honors! We would love for you to share small excerpts from our posts. You don’t even have to ask permission. We ask that you quote us directly or tag this blog to your excerpt. You can even use Mike’s Twitter or Kristin’s Twitter, or the Confessions Facebook page as a means of referencing us. If you want to re-post one of our posts in its entirety, please email us for permission. Thanks Again! We really appreciate you checking out Confessions Of A Parent. We hope you find the content helpful and insightful. We both love parenting! Along with that, we love to help parents. Feel free to connect with us through email or visit our Community Forum. We would love to interact with you!

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    • Mike Berry

      Joe, thanks so much for re-posting this post. Glad you enjoyed it and I hope it helps your parents out! Take care.

  • Krystal Berry-Witty


    This is an amazing blog! I’m so proud and so thankful to have a father like you!

    Love, Your daughter!

    • Mike Berry

      Wow! This made my day. Love you kiddo and I’m both humbled and honored to be your dad!!

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  • I didn’t realize you weren’t at Connection Pointe anymore as we have been away for a few months. My youngest went to 1st grade at E91St when they tried to pilot an elementary school. Great facility and I’m happy for them that they got such a wonderful minister. You have been life impacting to my child in her darkest place. She still recalls things you said to her that I thought she never heard at the time. Bless you, Mike.

    • Hey Kat, yes I left back in September for E91. Thanks for reaching out to me. Appreciate the kind words. I love your family and will continue praying for you. Blessings!

  • Morning Mike =)
    Thought I’d stop by after our connection on Twitter. Good to see another father out there. I’m a father of 12 children. No adoptions, no twins. Been a cartoonist and storyteller most my life, so that’s what i do for a living–write stories for kids, while helping parents as well.

    After ten years of blogging and freelance writing, can you believe I never really thought to check if there were daddy blogs out there!?? Mommy blogs are everywhere–but to find a place where good men are trying to love and lead their families? Not so many.

    So good to be here. Your site is bookmarked…and you have actually been put on my “scheduled visit” list–of regular blogs to read from. I’m pretty excited. So once I get a few more things out of the way, I’ll be back this afternoon and start reading posts!!

    Seriously Mike, thanks for being an example. A true ‘man’ example.
    Looking forward to interacting.

    -Jaime Buckley

    • Jaime!! So great to hear from you my friend. Thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad we’re connected. Let me know how we can help you and your family. That’s what we do. So awesome that you have 12 kids. I though we had a lot with 8, but you definitely win. 🙂 Love that you are a cartoonist and storyteller. I’m a big story fan. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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  • Garrett N Soulen

    Hi Mike and Kristen. I’ve kept up with your blogs even though I haven’t done any commenting since my first try. This is an amazing blog. A lot of poignant truths that one can take away and know that they will work if they are willing to put in the work necessary to make the marriage and intimacy work. The only conflict I have with this post is that it assumes both individuals are physically capable of having intimacy. In my case, my wife has serious back problems, recently had knee replacement surgery, and I’m afraid to try anything because of the constant pain she is in daily. The last thing I want to do is hurt her any more than she already is. I’m not looking for answers to our problem, I just wanted to mention the unfortunate fact that there are people out there with disabilities that want to have intimacy, but can’t. I spend as much time with my wife as I can, we hug and kiss a lot, I try and get as close to her at night while sleeping but I need to be careful not to jostle the bed too much so as not to put her in more pain than she is already experiencing. I realize creativity and that there are creative ways to handle intimacy when disabled, but one needs to keep in mind the cost pending on the disability of their partner. Lastly, there is the biblical perspective on sex and marriage as opposed to the secular perspective. For example, one partner is a Christian and follows God’s word as best as possible while the other partner does not. Conflict of two worlds that definitely will have consequences. Just thought I would put a wrench in the works. Not that there aren’t any solutions to the afore mentioned situations. But unfortunately we live in a very diverse world where sometimes what is put out on the internet can do more harm than good. Not that your blog is bad. I just am putting out thoughts as to other situations that could be addressed at a later time. Thanks for listening and God Bless to you and your pack.

    • Hey Garrett, thanks for your comment. And thanks for being a Confessions reader. We appreciate you much my friend! You are right that the post assumes that everyone is physically capable of intimacy. While I know that there are exceptions to this it’s difficult in a 1000 word post to address every aspect. I certainly understand the limitations when there is a disability and feel very sorry for that. I hope you can apply our points apart from this. Thanks again for your openness and honesty and thanks for being faithful reader.

    • Garrett N Soulen

      Thanks Mike. I understand that you have only so much time and room to put out your blog. Maybe sometime in the future you can do a blog concerning disability and how things could work or not work for them. Again, thanks and God Bless.

  • Anne Newton

    Beautiful post. Especially how your daughter commented on it. I am touched!