Is This Messy Journey Really Worth It?

Jen says, "No, not today..."

This is a debut post by Jennifer Summers, who serves as Content Creator for The Honestly Adoption Podcast and Oasis Community within Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent. We are thrilled to share this post with you.

It’s a question all of us, on the foster or adoptive journey, have asked a time or two. Especially when things are tough at home, and our kiddos are struggling. But the real answer to this question may surprise you.

It depends on what you’re really asking. Are you asking if I feel like it is worth it or if I KNOW it is worth it?

Do you want the raw and honest truth?  You’d be scared if you saw it.  If you saw the actual mess.  Not the “oh, this messy journey…hahaha, (insert winky emoticon) mess.” I’m talking about the actual, nasty mess that this journey often is:  The mess I know all about, from living it for the last 10, long years.  The mess I hear all about, when other adoptive mamas feel safe enough to share with me the reality of what hell they are going through.

How To Have The Pinterest-Perfect Snow Day!

It’s another snow day and the pressure is on! How do you measure up to the mom who has an array of Pinterest-worthy weapons in her arsenal for such a day as this?


You know how it goes; the phone rings at 5am followed by a text and an email. All three relentlessly waking you up to inform you of the dreaded snow day. It didn’t used to be like this. You reminisce for a moment. As a kid, the snow day was the most coveted day of the year. Today, however, you are the mom in the scenario. Shake off the lazy day memory and get yourself out of bed!

‘Twas The Day After New Years…

A Manifesto For The Worn-Out Foster Or Adoptive Parent!

While we can’t tell you what’s on our New Year’s resolution list (because we don’t really have one), we can definitely tell you what’s not- Sleep! Welcome to 2017. Here’s to hopefully getting more rest this year…but probably not!

Twas The Day After New Years.001

‘Twas the day after New Year’s,
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring,
we’d just trapped the last mouse.

Dishes and dirty laundry strewn here and there,
in hopes that our teenagers would begin to care.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
with white noise machines humming next to their heads.
Dad in his slippers, I still in my clothes
had just settled down to hopefully doze.

Check out this hilarious video from the creators of “Convos With My 4 Year Old” on YouTube. For anyone who is the parent of young children, you will relate to this video. We actually set bed time 30 minutes earlier than we need to because our 3 youngest sons need everything under the sun right at bedtime!

These are the little moments of parenthood that give us all a good laugh (most of the time!). Enjoy the weekend.

Question: Do your youngsters pull this kind of stuff at bedtime? What’s the best question they’ve asked you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

10 Things We Thought We Would Do After We Had Children.

Let’s be honest- we all had delusions of grandeur, in high school or college, when it came to our future families. We all had a vision of what we thought raising children would look like. Little did we know how fast that ship sails once the little darlings actually enter our world…


There’s really nothing I can say to set up this list. If you have kids, you probably have a million things just like the ones I list. I promise, I did not live in a fantasy in college. I was just disconnected from reality like every other human being, who eventually became a parent, was in their early days, before kids!

21 Reasons Why My Two Youngest Sons Are Melting Down.

I confess: my two sons, 5 and 6 years old, have combined for more epic meltdowns than any two children put together! They were the inspiration for our weekly edition called Tantrum Tuesday. By the time they graduate we will probably have enough material for a full-length book on meltdowns!


We try to contain it. Honestly, we do. However, there are moments when we just can’t hold our laughter in any longer. This usually causes one (or both) of our sons to scream so loud they can be heard one county over. Honestly, I ask: How are we supposed to not laugh when our son is face down, on the kitchen floor, wailing, because there was only one matchbox car included in the box of Honey Nut Cheerios, and he is forced to share with his other two brothers?

Why We’re Not Amish! (Big Family, Small Living- Vol. 2)

Some people are born simple, some have simplicity thrust upon them. We fit into the latter category.


This year my family made the decision to downsize our home by half. We discontinued cable, our newspaper subscription and our gym membership. We had a suspicion that living a simpler life might just fill our home with the opportunity for peace and strong relationships that we had been lacking.

How To Achieve True Intimacy In Your Marriage.

Several weeks ago Mike wrote a blog post called Sex Starts In The Morning, and it went viral. The post was a challenge to husbands and wives. The premise was simple: If we choose to serve one another and put the other’s needs above our own, it can create the healthiest marriage possible. Several readers wrote back and asked if I would write a response (from a wife’s perspective). Here it is…

Photo courtesy of

Let’s get one thing straight- I’m not the kind of girl to kiss and tell 😉

I must first admit that when I saw the word “sex” in the title of my husband’s post I was embarrassed. For crying out loud, my kids and parents read this blog! What was my husband thinking? Then I read the post and laughed a little. He is so sweet. I appreciate his kindness and honestly so much.