Dirty Words: How To Avoid The Principal’s Office

As parents it’s easy, in our fast-paced lives, to overlook a critical reality- our children are watching us, listening to us, and emulating us. Our words and our actions matter more than we think.


You might be wondering why so many of my posts start out with a phone call from the principal. I’ve been wondering that lately too. Is that dreaded phone call something every parent fears or is it just big families, adoptive families, special needs families? Maybe I’m more sensitive because of the items listed. I have a suspicion though, that I’m not the only mom who is afraid of being exposed at the principal’s office.

How A Devastating Experience Gave Me A New Life Purpose

One year ago today, I was suddenly fired from my job at a church. The experience was devastating and embarrassing. But one year later, I’m living a bigger purpose than I could have imagined.


Numb. That’s the word I would use to describe the feeling I felt when my supervisor looked at me and said, “We’re releasing you from student ministry.”

Actually, numb communicates a feeling. I had none. No expression on my face either. After the HR Director finished his spiel about what I had to sign, what I had to agree to, and what I had to leave behind, I shook their hands, and quietly walked out of the office we were meeting in. In my right hand were severance papers. Never in a million years would I have dreamed I would carry severance papers!

How Guilt Over Your Divorce Cripples Good Parenting

5 proven ways to get out of the trap!

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by our good friend, and fellow blogger Joel Phillips. Joel blogs regularly at Buildrelationalwealth.com as is the author of the book Building Relational Wealth: A Personal Training Guide. Make sure you check out his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.

Do you carry around something that you feel terrible about? Maybe you weren’t there for your child at a particular important event. I have that.


Maybe you feel like your child was robbed of a “normal” family life because of your divorce, or that your marriage isn’t healthy. I have that one too. As a parent who has been through the trauma of divorce, I have carried a lot of guilt. It’s understandable. But the unnecessary weight of guilt can cripple my effective parenting.

I Decided To Jump!

Seven months ago I was fired from the church I had served with for 2 years. As you can imagine, it stung, it was embarrassing, and it left me with more questions than answers. Not long after, however, I discovered how much of a blessing this life event really was!


Colorado is a wildly beautiful and breathtaking place, especially in the fall. It brings about a special kind of beauty and chill. Not a frigid chill, like the kind you see in Mid-January, but it’s enough to get your attention. In fact, the higher the elevation, the more likely it is you’ll see snow. It was a given that I would stop and take in my surroundings on my morning hikes. The air was thin, making each step higher a task.

The Way Your Kids Handle Money Matters!

I had to teach myself how to handle money. While my dad was great at saving his money, and making wise decisions with the resources he had, he wasn’t that great at passing on his wisdom or technique. For years, I spent money unwisely when I could have saved most of it and had more of it in my pocket!


As our children grow, and develop into young adults, it’s our responsibility to teach them values and principles that will shape their future and place their lives on successful pathways. Using money wisely is a big part of this. The way they save and spend the money depends on the way we teach them to do so.

I Swear, I Lived!

Lately I’ve become aware of how fast time is moving and how easy it is to miss precious moments with the people who matter most- my family. At the end of my days here on earth I want to be able to say one thing about my life and my time with my family…


A little over a month ago, just a few days after Christmas to be exact, I was driving home from Ohio with my family when a song caught my attention. Usually on long road trips, I would have my iPhone earbuds in, listening to my pre-selected road trip playlist (I know…I shouldn’t do that!)

The Problem With Perfection.

In the great pursuit of the American dream we become fixated on living the perfect life. However, we neglect something powerful and life-changing in the process!


I rarely pay full attention to the movies my children watch. Sure, I’m fully engaged during family movie nights, but other times, like lazy Saturday mornings, I’m pre-occupied with other things. This past Saturday, however, something caught my attention in the movie they were watching. It was The Lego Movie.

“His Truth Is Marching On!” A Multi-Racial Family’s Take On The Movie ‘Selma.’

This past week I (Mike) had the opportunity to see a pre-screening of the new movie Selma, which debuted in theaters across the U.S. yesterday. The film was overwhelming on many levels. I knew my heart would be moved. I just had no idea to what degree!


Let me begin by sharing a little background on me, in case this is your first time visiting Confessions Of A Parent. I’m an adoptive father of 8 amazing children. Three of our children are African-American. We adopted all of our children from the Indianapolis, IN area. I love each of my kids deeply, and we love our family’s diversity. In fact, we love it so much that we really don’t notice our differences. The way we see it, we’re…us.