How Do You Get Through Placing Your Child In Residential Treatment?

Season 4, Episode 31- The Honestly Speaking Podcast

We’ve personally been down this road 4 separate times with one of our kids. It never gets easier. How do you make it through the devastation of placing your child in residential treatment?


In today’s episode of Honestly Speaking, our co-host Nicole Goerges turns the microphone on us, and interviews us over this topic because we’ve walked this road several times in the past. It never gets easy, even when the absence of your child creates peace for the rest of your family.

The biggest question we get on this topic is, “How will I ever get through this challenging season of life with my child?” Believe it or not, it’s not the end of the road for you, or your child. In today’s episode, we share a new perspective that can help you find hope, even in the hopelessness of placing your child in residential treatment!

Listen To The Show.


Notes and Quotes From The Show.

Here are a few quotes that we shared during the show…

Resources And Links.

Here are a few recommended resources when it comes to the topic of residential treatment…

  • Ozark Teen Challenge: we can’t recommend this organization enough. It was a valuable resource for us when our son needed structure and discipline. (**Note- each Teen Challenge facility is a separate entity. Only the namesake is streamlined).
  • Intermountain: This is a residential treatment program that centers around building healthy family relationships (**Note- we have not personally used this program, but we know several people who have).
  • Acadia Montana: This is a proven program for teens struggling through trauma, post-traumatic stress, or depression. (**Note- we have not personally used this program, and do not know anyone, personally, who has).

Question: Have you had to place your child in residential treatment? Share your story with us in the comment section below. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Kristy Mazza

    This is resonating with me tremendously. We’ve had our 14 year old foster daughter for almost 10 months and she’s going through something right now that is getting hard for us to handle in our house. I am struggling with loving her right now. Even with liking her. Her caseworkers are considering moving her out soon to a residential facility, and it distresses me that I feel so much peace in that idea. I feel guilty, like I should be doing more for her. Like I haven’t given her enough love, and maybe if I try harder, it’ll be better. But I also know that she is refusing to deal with her trauma and she desperately needs the help we can’t give her. Thank you so much for posting this. It was a comfort right now…

    • Sorry you are struggling so much right now. We hope it brings you peace knowing you are not alone.