How To Fight For The Heart Of Your Children [Podcast]

Season 3, Episode 25- The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast

It’s a war that rages in every family, but especially foster and adoptive families. The war for the heart of your children. In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, how do you successfully fight and win this battle?

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In 2014 we went through the ringer with our children. We came face to face with the reality that they were falling apart emotionally, spiritually, even physically. Things needed to change, and fast! But how? As we surveyed the landscape of our family we discovered that we were gridlocked in a war. We faced a real and present enemy who was targeting our family, particularly our children.

We had a choice to make when everything fell apart. Either stay down and take the hits, or get up a fight, knowing that our Heavenly Father was bigger and stronger than the enemy who attacked. We chose to fight. To be honest, it was excruciating. It still is, more than 2 years later. But we’ve found hope. On today’s broadcast of The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast, we’re sharing the story of this war, and the critical battles we had to engage in to win it.

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Notes and Quotes from the Show.

Here are the 7 battles we walk through in the broadcast…

  1. The Battle for the Heart.
  2. The Battle for Love.
  3. The Battle for Time.
  4. The Battle for Influence.
  5. The Battle for Hope.
  6. The Battle for a Bigger Story.
  7. The Battle for the Future

Resources and Links.

We were so fortunate to teach this session at the 2016 CAFO Summit in Orlando, Florida. This has become one of our favorite events each year. If you’re a foster or adoptive parent this is another one of those events that we call, “A must-attend!”

Here’s the link to read more about CAFO’s ministry:

Question: Have you been locked in a spiritual, emotional, or physical battle with your children? Share your story with us in the comment section. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Michelle Schumacher Damerow

    So related to your post/video on the ‘battle” that I want to share a battle I am going through with you.My hope in sharing this is to encourage all that Papa God is ahead of us in our pain and He will direct your paths to love,healing and rest.

    The Battle Dream:

    A few weeks ago I had one of the most intense & dramatic dreams.In
    fact I yelled out 3 times in my sleep during this dream. The screams
    were so loud that it woke me into a fully awaken state. My heart was
    pounding and I was able to recall every detail of that dream;all the
    emotions,sights, and terror. In the past when I dream to this level it
    has always been a God Dream…a message from Papa. After waking I tried
    to understand what it meant,but knew the message would come in time.

    Within this dream, I was upstairs and knew my family was downstairs…however
    they did not take notice of where I was. Within this dream, I finish
    my shower and walked into the closet and felt such terror. There in
    the closet was a man staring at me with such hate. He was wrapped in a
    dark cloth and all I could see was his face of hate. His eyes told me
    all the terror he had planned to do to me.His face was handsome however,
    his continence was the most frightful look I have ever seen. All I
    could do was force three weak screams out of me that was a desperate
    call for help. My hope was that my husband could hear these scream and save
    me. It was at the 3rd scream this evil man’s face changed from control
    to fear. It was then that I knew I would be saved. This nightmare has
    stayed with me to the point of fear of being alone in my our home the
    few weeks.
    Post Dream:
    After yet another emotional battle with the kids last night I now understand the message of this dream.

    There has been an ongoing battle with our teenage twins that has intensified the last
    few weeks.These battles are mostly between me and them.

    I now understand the message within this dream;To truly love it will
    cost,hurt and take about everything from me….When we love like this
    the Evil One (enemy ) will take you on! The battle is on!! My enemy is
    aware that he must destroy -attack me in order to bring down my family.
    When I called out in my dream to my husband, it represented Jesus…”all who
    call upon the name of Christ shall be saved”. This battle is not with my
    kids,however for them & my family.I must stop fighting them
    and put all of my energy towards standing against the enemy by
    prayer,faith and hard love (2 Corinthians 10:4 & Ephesians 6:11-18). Thank God I have some of his Words within me to call upon!!

    I’m pretty battle fatigue and could use some help to get back on my feet in
    order to stand & battle the evil one.What I really need now from
    the few – the brave ( Christ Friends) is to be cover with prayers for a few days.

    This request is difficult because it reveals my weakness, stubbornness, and
    hardness of heart..and I know you are also going through your own
    His Love!

    • Hey Michelle, I am so glad you liked the podcast. And we will definitely say a prayer for you. Thanks for sharing here!

  • Allisonm

    Your question about being locked in a battle with my children gave me pause, but after listening to your entire podcast, I take that to mean that I am locked in a battle alongside my children for my children’s hearts. That is absolutely true. And I do believe that my children are actively battling for their own hearts, too. They are fighting the darkness and hopelessness of their pasts, and fighting for regulation, self-control, ability to trust, and for new kinds of relationships–with God and other people–in their presents and futures. I am there fighting with them, as their closest, but not only, human ally. It’s not just their hearts that are being tempered. Mine is being tried and purified, too. It is good to know that God doesn’t need me to be a perfect parent to stand with and for my children. I just have to allow Him to continue perfecting me along with my children.

    • Hey Allison, you are absolutely right! Side by side… fight the heart! 🙂

      • Allisonm

        Oh, and our dogs killed our ducklings, too. Someone left a door open and no fresh duck eggs for us.☹️