How To Find Hope When Everything Seems Hopeless [Podcast]

Season 3, Episode 23- The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast

Sometimes all we can see around us are dark clouds and difficult circumstances. It leaves us defeated. Is there any way to find hope?

Season 3-Episode 23.001

As I look back over the course of the past 14 years, we’ve walked through more hopeless seasons than we have peaceful ones. It’s sorta the nature of parenting. It’s especially the nature of foster, adoptive, and special needs parenting. I yawn one of those deep yawns just thinking about it. There have been so many moments where all seemed hopeless, lost, and never-ending.

But, there was hope. Correction- there IS hope. Sometimes you just have to believe in it, in-spite of defeating or exhausting circumstances. On today’s episode of Honestly Speaking, we’re talking about how to find this sometimes elusive hope, even when all seems completely hopeless.

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Notes and Quotes from The Show.

Sharing hope is our favorite thing to do because we believe in it so strongly. We say that even in the midst of some really hopeless days. But we believe hope is alive in the middle of the storm.

We love this quote from fellow blogger and popular speaker, Jon Acuff…

In the broadcast I shared the story of being delayed out of the Denver International Airport last summer due to a massive storm. I was on my way home from being gone all week and the longer we were delayed the more hopeless I felt. But then, just after take off, we ascended above the clouds and I looked out to see the most beautiful sunset…

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.41.50 PM

I pulled out my phone and took this picture. As I sat there staring out my window, thinking about how frustrated I had been just moments before, I realized the sun had always been shining, even though a storm was raging around me.

Resources and Links.

I mentioned a few upcoming events that we will be speaking at during the course of the show. If you’re in the area, we would love to connect with you. Stop by and see us…

We hope you find hope and renewal from today’s podcast. Remember, having hope is often a choice we have to make in the middle of hopeless circumstances, not outside of them.

Question: Have you felt hopeless lately? Share your story with us. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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