I remember the commercials vividly. Maybe they’re still around, I’m not sure. They’re the Nationwide, “Life Comes At You Fast!” commercials.

The reason I remember them so well is that each time they aired on my TV I awkwardly laughed.

I did so because they represent something greater than just a clever ad campaign. They represent my life. They represent your life. They represent real life. And, sometimes real life comes at you real fast!

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Let’s just be honest….

  • Sometimes the bank account gets overdrawn.
  • Sometimes the kids are complete terrorists while you are on the phone.
  • Sometimes the dog gets worms and relieves herself all over the carpet.
  • Sometimes your child is failing every class even though you’ve spent hours doing homework with her.
  • Sometimes your boss micromanages you.
  • Sometimes your grown up child makes decisions you prayed they wouldn’t.
  • Sometimes you are 1 day and 5 hours overdue on a blog post.
  • Sometimes your neighbor gives you the evil eye for no reason as they drive past.
  • Sometimes you do forget to pay a bill and a collection agency calls you.
  • Sometimes your son pulls his pants down in public and threatens to pee on something.
  • Sometimes you get a call from the principal’s office.
  • Sometimes your car doesn’t start.
  • Sometimes there is a really bad smell in that car that doesn’t start.
  • Sometimes you feel un-talented and un-useful (are those actual words?).
  • Sometimes you feel as though every other parent has it together except you.
  • Sometimes the leak in the bathroom ends up causing mold in the floor joists.
  • Sometimes your son calls you awful names and tries to punch you.
  • Sometimes you have days where you just want to quit.
  • Sometimes things move a little faster than you wanted them to.
  • Sometimes he says he doesn’t love you anymore and wants out.
  • Sometimes you feel like you’re outgunned and outmatched by your kids.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t feel like Nationwide is on your side.

Sometimes…life comes at you fast. Okay, MOST of the time life comes at you fast! Being a parent just pushes the pedal through the metal!

Question: Can you relate? What are some other “sometimes” that you would add to this list? 


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  • Sometimes you get peed on, puked on or pooped on… and we all deny it.

    Sometimes you “tag team” parenting and hide in the bathroom.

    Sometimes that hour long bath is just to get away.

    Sometimes you leave the room so you can laugh and the kids wont see how hilarious you think their bad behavior is.

    Sometimes you want to be less scheduled and less responsible.

    Sometimes you are just as scared as your kids.

    Sometimes you just want a drink.

    Sometimes you want to throttle a birthparent and for hurting a child you now love as your own.

    Sometimes you think social workers should be forced to be foster parents before they get hired with CPS because many have no idea what it is like in the “trenches”

    Sometimes you get to look at you mix-n-match family with such bursting pride and awe that you almost feel sorry for other people that will never “Get it”

    • This is a great list Paige. I especially agree with the point you made on social workers being forced to be foster parents. Spot on!