Tantrum Tuesday (#005)

Tuesday Blues got you down? Frustrated because your child throws epic fits in public and you’re embarrassed? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. It’s Tantrum Tuesday, and it’s guaranteed to make you feel a little better about your kid’s huge meltdown…. guaranteed! 🙂


We couldn’t resist posting another picture of our youngest son, who, quite frankly, is the king of epic tantrums. You’ve heard of progressive dinners right? Well…behold: the progressive tantrum! I caught this gem about a month ago when I told my son to stop pestering his brothers and sisters. The more I pointed my iPhone at him and took pictures, the more progressive the tantrum became…

Isn’t parenting fun? We love it…and we love our kids. One of the big reasons is that they give us free laughs, all the time! I’m sure yours do as well!

If you would like your child featured in a future Tantrum Tuesday, send us an email with the picture of the tantrum and a short description and we’ll include them!

Question: Do you have a child who throws epic tantrums? Share your story in the comment section! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • MJ

    LOL been there, done that. I have scrapbooked my son and daughter both having tantrums. 😉

    • MJ, that’s awesome. Send us a few for a future Tantrum Tuesday! Email address is in the post.