Tantrum Tuesday (#007)

Happy Tuesday everyone! We’re almost to the midpoint of the week and what better way to celebrate (or wake up!) than with an epic tantrum? We’ve chosen this gem because Halloween was just a few days ago, and this picture is insanely funny on multiple levels! Behold:


Friends, it’s true! Superheroes have meltdowns too. Batman, Superman, Wonder-Woman….they’ve all had their moments. Spiderman’s parents tell us he was tuckered out but didn’t want to leave their town’s Harvest Festival. Thus, the tears. Can you blame him? Harvest festivals are awesome, and being Spiderman is even more awesome!

Ah, kids. You gotta love em. You also gotta love smartphone technology, that makes amazing pictures like this possible!

If you’ve captured one of your kid’s epic tantrums on camera and want to be featured on a future Tantrum Tuesday, send us an email with the picture and a brief description and we’ll include it.

Question: Has your child had an all-out, knock-down, drag-out tantrum lately? Tell us about it. We’ll share a laugh with you! You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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  • Allisonm

    We had one tonight. Tantrums really lose their comedic appeal when the child is eleven and you are trying to determine whether you will need to call for outside help to restore order.

    • Allison, we are actually in the same boat. We have an 11 year old who throws tantrums and it’s usually not that funny. In the past we’ve also had to call outside help. Sorry you’re dealing with that. We know first hand the frustration.

    • pandi04

      If you think 11 isn’t funny, just wait till the child is 16. Though by the time the child is 16, you will be so worn down, you will actually start to see the humor in it.
      Hang in there, I found as my son has gotten older, he has gotten better, his melt down are not nearly as often, as long or as dangerous.

      • Allisonm

        My 15 year old still melts down, but he has Asperger’s. It has been about a year since he kicked and screamed on the floor.