Tantrum Tuesday (#008)

The weather may be getting frightful on this chilly November afternoon, but we’ve got something that will warm your heart and give you a good laugh! Tuesday is here, which means it’s time to share another epic tantrum with the world!


Our son Sam makes his second appearance on Tantrum Tuesday this week. Honestly, this is another picture we couldn’t wait to post. This is from our 2011 family vacation to Anna Maria, Florida. Each evening we walked to the beach for the beautiful sunset and each time Kristin gave explicit instructions to the kids to not get near the water. It had more to do with the fact that pajamas were on and evening baths were completed, than the tide, but that was a small part. Sam, being Sam, disobeyed and trotted closer and closer to the surf. I stood close by him and waited….

Just then, the ocean decided to show Sam who was boss!


Tide- 1. Sam- 0!

Before you get the idea that we are heartless parents who are ready with iPhone in hand, for opportunities to snap a photo of our child’s misery (eh-hem!), Kristin was a good mom and scooped her sand-packed, surf-soaked son up for comfort (after we snapped the picture!)…


You gotta love stubborn children, right!?

If you have one of your child’s epic tantrum archived in the annals of awesome and you’d like to be included in a future Tantrum Tuesday send us the picture over email along with a brief description and we’ll include it!

Question: Is your child awesome at throwing epic tantrums? What’s your favorite part? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • MaMeex5

    I have a picture of my son throwing a huge fit on Anna Maria Island too. I will have to find it. My favorite part of tantrums at our house is throwing things. I especially like when they check what they are about to throw to make sure they don’t really like it before whipping it across the room. My other favorite is when they try to throw the area rug and manage to just flip a corner.

    • That’s hilarious. Our daughter used to throw herself down when she’d have a tantrum but she would always make sure it was a soft spot like the sofa, before doing so. It cracked us up.