Looking for a good laugh to get you through the rest of the week? Check out this hilarious montage of well-known pop songs redone by comedian Tim Hawkins as a special tribute to parenthood! Lets face it, kids have a hard time listening to their parents, especially when it comes to rules. Why not put them to song?

I promise- this will be the best 7 minutes of your week!

To learn more about Tim Hawkins Comedy Tours, click here. If there’s a show near you, take the entire family. I promise, you will LOVE it!

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  • Cammie Depsky Keilman

    I have a niece and nephew that my mother and I are raising. Their parents “found parenting to be too hard, and we can’t possibly do double–duty, that’s what they called it when they had to take care of both kids at the same time”. The little boy has severe cerebral palsy, so he can’t do the things his sister does. We all lived together in Louisiana until everything was lost in Hurricane Katrina. We moved to Illinois after that. I’m a teacher, or was, and I’ve seen some true brats in my day. My niece though, she just expects the world to be handed to her when and where she wants it. She has made me feel like the worst aunt in the world because I won’t buy her concert tickets to a concert near downtown Chicago in a park. I don’t even go downtown unless my husband goes with me and I’m way over legal age. She’s 13 and wants me to pay “what’s your problem, they are only $80.00 apiece?”. In addition, she wants to go with her friend, whom I’m expected to buy a ticket for also. She threw a huge fit in the mall, flinging clothes, and herself around because I wouldn’t buy here a new camera. She didn’t know I wouldn’t buy it for her in addition to the phone cover. “I need the cover to protect the phone, can’t you understand?”. Most things she just has to have, I get for her. Then I realized that I’m really spoiling her. Her bedroom, that I paid to furnish, is a disaster with moldy food, soda stains on the rug and candy wrappers on the bookcase she promised she would use for books. She won’t clean it
    at all. It smells up there. She lives with her grandmother, and she won’t do the basics of household chores. I hate to say this, but she leaves used maxi pads “sunny side up” on the floor of the bathroom. Truly disgusting. I got married a few years after we all moved to Illinois and she comes to visit me on certain weekends, usually when she wants something. Most of the time, I miss her and I want her to come over. She expects stuff every time. She wants me to take her to the mall every time Her chores used to be: feed the cat and the fish, take out the trash and change the little
    cat’s litter. She refuses to do any of that anymore. I keep remembering that she is an evil teenager, and they are all like that. She spends all her time on the phone with her friends having major drama fits in front of others or she’s on the internet. I insulted the group One Direction and she had a fit. You would have thought she knew these people. I just don’t know what to do with her. My mother, her grandmother, told me today that she probably wouldn’t leave the kids to me anyway. My heart was just broken into a million pieces after I heard that. Who else is going to care for those kids? Their parents? Oh, give me a break. I’ve been there from the beginning, I should be there through the end. Don’t you think? Who are the kids going to? Their drunken drugged out mother who continues to do jail time, or their father, whom my niece said she wouldn’t recognize if she saw him on the street? I’ve gotten very used to not getting certain recognition for things I have done and worked very hard for, but this is different. I should get these children and the little girl needs to learn a few things to function in the real world. I just needed to vent….Thank you, the worst aunt ever, Cammie.


    • Cammie, thanks so much for sharing. I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. These are moments that take the life out of us and I’m sure you are feeling that way. While it’s hard to see it, you are making a difference in these kids lives. The darkness surrounding you and your family makes the light hard to see but it is there. There is hope. If you keep pouring your heart and soul into them with love and balance that with consistent boundaries and guidelines, there will be a pay-off at some point. We’ve walked this road before. Hang in there.

  • No Matter What Mom

    My husband, teens, and I listened to this together. My husband and I laughed ourselves into tears and our teens rolled their eyes and were laughingly incensed. We had to listen to each song two or three times to get all of the words. A truly enjoyable half-hour with our kids.. Thank you for sharing it!

    • Kristin Berry

      We watched this with our kids too! We were all cracking up 🙂