A friend of mine posted this hilarious video on her Facebook page a few days ago and I could not stop laughing.

This comedian is right- people with no children have little, to no idea what a challenge everyday normal activities like leaving the house, or fixing a meal, really are when you have children.

Pardon the brief use of mild language and enjoy a good laugh courtesy of comedian Michael McIntyre!

Question: What are some other challenges you face when you have children, that folks with no children do not? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Bengt-Erik Holmlander

    When you go to grosseri and you try to not pass the candyshell, they allways put it next to cassier

    • Thanks for your comment!

    • The grocery is always a huge problem when you have kids! I feel your pain.

  • Cecilia Sternzon

    Running is *completely* different now! Before, I’d just put on my running shoes, stretch a bit and head out.

    Now, it’s something like this: put on running shoes, dress the kid, shoes on the kid, convince her to load into the jogging stroller, get her milk ready, give her that, now she’s forgotten her stuffed animal, I search for that and bring it to her. Ready to go? Not yet, still need the goldfish crackers, and her play telephone (so she can phone daddy along the way), and a blanket. Now she doesn’t want the blanket after all…. ready to go? Maybe, only instead of a steady, quiet run, I get to stop at the park for play time before heading home. 🙂

    • Cecelia, I think you just described my family trying to leave the house! HA. Thanks for your comment.

  • KJtheMom

    The bathroom will never be the same… You think that a quick stop in the lou will be a blessed relief. You close the door, sit down and prepare to enjoy 30 seconds of silence, and then you notice the shadow or the fingers or the toy randomly moving beneath the door. If you are extremely fortunate you can finish with just the shadow fingers or toy. Usually those items are followed by the never ending “Mommy”, and quite often followed by some horrific scream as if someone is being murdered. You will find it IS a blessing if you can simply go potty without the house burning down (or at least someone making it sound like it may be.) And just so you know, public bathrooms are an entirely different category that I could not begin to describe in the alotted space…

    • You are absolutely right. Happens in our house too! Thanks for your comment!