21 Reasons Why My Two Youngest Sons Are Melting Down.

I confess: my two sons, 5 and 6 years old, have combined for more epic meltdowns than any two children put together! They were the inspiration for our weekly edition called Tantrum Tuesday. By the time they graduate we will probably have enough material for a full-length book on meltdowns!


We try to contain it. Honestly, we do. However, there are moments when we just can’t hold our laughter in any longer. This usually causes one (or both) of our sons to scream so loud they can be heard one county over. Honestly, I ask: How are we supposed to not laugh when our son is face down, on the kitchen floor, wailing, because there was only one matchbox car included in the box of Honey Nut Cheerios, and he is forced to share with his other two brothers?

After 12 years of parenting, I’ve come to believe that God Himself invented epic meltdowns to give parents free comic relief in the middle of exhausting days. If that’s true, He’s doubled our portion! Here are 21 reasons why my 5 and 6 year old sons are melting down (Their age is in parenthesis, at the end of each, to differentiate who’s melting down)…

  1. He had to wake up for school. If there was an award for taking the longest to get ready for school, my son would win, every time, hands down! He’s always the kid running out the door, to the bus, backpack dangling behind him, and shoes untied. (5)
  2. His jeans are too long. This has produced more epic meltdowns than any other. (6)
  3. His mom didn’t cuff the bottoms of his pant legs the right way. You cannot believe the fury this causes… (6)
  4. I wouldn’t let him watch a TV show 5 minutes before the bus came. I’m reminded, each time this happens, that the concept of time does not exist, even if explained in detail. (6)
  5. The sun is up. I’ve never witnessed more rage at one of the natural sources of life than I did with this tantrum. (5)
  6. We ran out of Frosted Flakes. I agree. I’ve been known to utter a few choice words myself when Tony The Tiger exits the building! And, just in case you’re wondering…I didn’t hide the box in the back of the cabinet or anything….. (6)
  7. His younger brother looked at him. His younger brother can be a pest, I’ll give him that. However, (and we say this often)…”DON’T LOOK AT HIM!” (6)
  8. The dog licked his face while he was on the ground throwing a tantrum. I’m actually in the dog’s corner on this one! (5)
  9. His bike had dew on it in the morning. I couldn’t explain this one away. I even tried a scientific angle. I’m not a scientist…at all! (6)
  10. He built a fort with his brother, they called each other neighbors, then his older brother came in and decided to play and became the new neighbor, took over his previously occupied fort, and closed the door (i.e.- a blanket)! I kind of agree with him on this one. (5)
  11. I was the one who met him as he got off the school bus and not his mom. I haven’t really figured out the difference between us other than, his mom is just prettier than me, and she’s mom. (6)
  12. He woke up to use the bathroom. I’ve learned the art of not saying a word to him, when he wakes up in the middle of the night. This can set off implosions heard ’round the world!’ (6)
  13. He didn’t wake up to use the bathroom. Call me crazy, but when I was a child and my mom woke me up to help me change out of my pee-soaked clothes in the middle of the night, I was happy. After all, you really only get 10 minutes, tops, of warmth after you wet the bed, before it gets cold. (6)
  14. We told him he was cute. This has actually produced huge tantrums. (5)
  15. It took us a micro-second too long to help him tie his shoes. This is one distinct reason why we’re huge fans of flip flops and velcro shoes. (6)
  16. He couldn’t find any socks. You wouldn’t believe how long this meltdown lasted! (5)
  17. He had to wear socks. Again, I can relate. (6)
  18. A stranger didn’t look at him. This was one of the strangest conversations I’ve ever had with my son. (6)
  19. The dog ate his sandwich because he left his plate on the floor while watching TV. Can anyone say “Natural Consequence?” (5)
  20. We moved his special Christmas ornament higher up on the Christmas tree so the dog wouldn’t knock it down with her tail. Tragedy, right? (6)
  21. He called the role of Ironman while watching The Avengers, but his brother also called it. Does anyone else hate the whole “calling” thing? (5)

And…there you have it. Meltdowns galore! We have front row seats to some of the best. I’m sure if you’re the parent of a child under the age of…..well any child period, you’ve walked a mile in our shoes! Share your story in the comment section or send us an email. We’d love to include you in a future Tantrum Tuesday.

Question: Does your child throw tantrums of epic proportions? Tell us all about it. You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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