5 Reasons We Become Parents

Parenthood is one of life’s journeys that challenges you, moves you, and makes you a better person. But there are a few paramount reasons parenting is so powerful and transformational to the world we live in!


To be honest, we had no plan when we began having children. Being adoptive parents, we didn’t even have a 9-month period to formulate a plan. It was more like 3 months, give or take a few weeks. After becoming foster parents, that shrunk to 3 hours, if we were lucky. As I reflect back on more than a decade of parenting, I simply marvel at the journey we’ve been on. It’s had it’s ups and downs and challenges that have nearly broken us, but all-in-all, it’s been amazing! Out of all the life choices we’ve made, becoming parents is in the top 5!

People choose to become parents for many different reasons. Some, because they’ve dreamed of doing so since they were a little girl or boy. Others, because they want to make the world a better place. Some, because they didn’t take precautions with the relationship they were in. And others do it spitefully to get back at an ex-spouse or a disgruntled family member.

Out of all the reasons people become parents, there are a few that stand out because they affect the very core of our being and impact the way we live life. Parenting with this intention has the power to ripple into future generations and change the course of history.

We become parents…

  1. To invest. Parenting is an opportunity to invest in the human race. It’s a chance to give back to a world that has given us so much. Plus, when we parent, we have the opportunity to invest in a new life. A life that, we hope, will go on to invest in other’s lives.
  2. To influence. As parents we are the greatest voice of influence in our child’s life. You may have a hard time believing that, depending on the stage you are in as a parent, but it’s true. Your son or daughter is taking life-cues from you. They are studying you, watching you, listening to you, to determine how to live. When they’re young, they follow you everywhere and believe you hung the moon if you tell them so. When they become teenagers, your influence drops in strength but it’s still present. Make no mistake about this. Culture and friendships become the greatest influencer from age 12 into their early 20’s, but you’re still on the list, even if it just doesn’t seem like it. That’s why I tell parents to not give up, even though it appears as though your child could care less about your opinions. The teenage years tend to be the times where they need you the most. By staying consistent and steady in your parenting you are influencing your child on a deeper level than you can imagine.
  3. To change the future. I believe that parents are future-shapers. When you choose to invest in your child, and be a strong influence in their life, you change the future. You make the world a better place to live, now, and for generations to come. In this world, we hear a lot about the hopelessness that exists. Turn on any news station and you’ll hear an abundance of darkness and despair. Everything from crime, to poverty, to natural disasters. It’s quite depressing. It leaves one believing there is no hope, nothing to believe in, and no way through the darkness. Enter the influence of a parent! When you choose to love, encourage, discipline, and lead your child through the storms of life, you change the future. The battle is long and hard, and seems un-ending. If you are raising a difficult teenager it really seems like there’s no end in sight. Hang in there. Your parenting is telling a story that will echo into eternity.
  4. To leave a legacy. It’s no secret that raising children continues your legacy as a human being. That’s a big reason people become parents. But parenting is also an opportunity to improve your legacy. I personally became a better person after I became a father because I no longer had just myself or my wife to think about in life. I was responsible for keeping another human being alive, one that could not fend for herself. Not only did I become responsible for keeping my children alive and well, but also raising them with integrity and character. These are traits that are taught, not caught. The legacy I leave through my children depends on the choice I make to live life with character and sound morals.
  5. To enrich our family. We love being parents. We love our family and we are so grateful for each of our children. Their unique personalities and spirits are so fun to watch. They enrich our family more than we can measure. In fact, there would be a huge void if they were not in the picture. You probably identify with that because you feel the same way about your children.

Let’s just call parenting what it is- awesome! It’s an amazing privilege we human beings receive in this life. Yes it’s difficult, and there are many more dark days than good days, at times, but overall, it’s an honor to lead and love little human beings who are filled with wonder. Never take your days as a parent for granted. Before you know it, you will be dropping that baby girl or boy off at college or sitting next to your spouse at his or her wedding.

The time we have with our children is very limited. Just the other day I was looking at a picture of my daughter as an infant playing with the infant daughter of our best friends. They are both teenagers now, best friends and all. Gone are the days where they played with Barbie Dolls or set up pretend kitchens. They talk about boys, who said what on Facebook, and where they dream of going to college. Even as I type those words I choke up. I don’t want to miss a moment. How about you?

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