7 Behaviors Your Children Are Guaranteed To Copy.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from more than a decade of parenting it’s this- we are being watched every single day. Not only are we being watched, but our children are also listening to the words we say. They are studying us for cues. Every decision we make, every word we speak, every action step we take, is under observation. Our children are learning life-cues from us. That’s a huge responsibility.

Photo courtesy of istockphoto.com

Photo courtesy of istockphoto.com

Several weeks ago we were reminded of this. We were staying at a vacation house in Florida and it was late in the evening. My wife and I were sitting in one of the bedrooms, where one of our children lay sound asleep (or so we thought). As we vented about a frustration we were having with one of our other children we suddenly heard a still small voice repeat one of the things we both said. It sounded eerily convicting when spoken by a 6-year old.

Our children are studying us. And they will copy our behaviors, whether good or bad. Here are 7 that I guarantee your children, and mine, will copy-

1. How you treat their mother or father.

If you are kind, sharing, giving, supportive, caring, and treat your husband or wife with respect and dignity, your children will treat your spouse with respect and dignity. But if you’re degrading, belligerent, frustrated, or rude to them, you can bet your children will treat them the same way.

2. How you manage your money.

If you are in debt up to your ears, or spend money frivolously, your children will spend money frivolously, and they will carry that trait into their adult years. They will copy the same lack of responsibility they saw in you. They too will live in debt. But if you exercise wisdom, stick to a budget, save and plan, they will do the same.

3. How you treat other people.

If you are always using people for your own gains, or constantly belittling or mistreating people you come into contact with, so will your children. If you treat the waitress or the bank teller like she’s a slave, they will see that and do likewise. But if your approach to other people, especially those who are performing a service like waitressing, is kind and respectful, your children will follow suit.

4. The amount of respect you give to authority.

If you are rude to a police officer who pulls you over, or always rant and rave about how awful your boss is, your children will grow up with a lack of respect for the authority figures in their life. That includes you! But to hear you talking about your boss with kindness and respect, even when they might not deserve it, shapes their tiny view of authority in a very positive way.

5. The depth of character and integrity you display. 

They know if you cheat on your taxes. They know if you say one thing and then do another. They are watching the way you treat others when you walk out of church and get into your car. The level of character or integrity you choose to live by, or choose not to live by, goes a long way in determining how your children will choose to live.

6. The level of discipline you live by.

If you overeat, overspend, sleep too much, get behind on your bills, drink too much, let the house go, always take short-cuts, or make excuses for poor choices, guess what? So will your children! However, if you choose to embrace and live by discipline, your children will make better (and healthier) choices in their lives!

7. How you give and serve.

If tithing to your church, giving to a charity, or supporting a cause isn’t high on your list, it won’t be on your children’s either. If you choose not to serve, your children will too. If you sign up for a good cause and then slack off when you’re participating and choose not to give a strong effort, they will see that, and do the same. But if they witness a person who lives with a giving spirit, always reaches out to those with the least, and gives from a full heart, they will emulate that behavior and become people who give, love, and serve with full hearts!

This is a convicting list to write. If you’re cringing at some of these, you’re not alone. I’m cringing at a few as well. It’s time to get to work. My heart’s desire is to raise children who become healthy, productive, people of strong character and integrity. I will not end up at that destination with them by happenstance. I have to be proactive and move that direction in my own behavior before I can expect my children to move in that direction with theirs. How about you?

Have you watched your children copy bad behaviors they saw in you and it made you cringe? How did you change that? Share in the comment section of this post. 

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