A Plea For Time To Slow Down!

Lately my 2 pre-teen daughters have caught my attention. But not the normal “Your room is trashed so clean it,” or “Don’t leave the kitchen a mess,” or “Get your feet off the sofa when you’re wearing shoes,” kind of attention. I can’t believe how grown up they are. It’s suddenly like time just sped up! There are times when I feel overwhelmed with the thought that in just 7 short years they will both be gone. Off to college! Off to see the world! Off to live their dreams! All good things, but all too fast.

Photo courtesy of istockphoto.com

Photo courtesy of istockphoto.com

I remember when they were babies. I remember their innocent faces and tiny hands. I can close my eyes and see them lying in my arms, content and peaceful. That was 10 years ago. A decade sure does go by fast.

For that, I’m making a plea for time to slow down. I don’t want to miss anything. Even though I know that my attempt is futile, I’m boldly crying out!

I snapped the picture below, one summer afternoon, while mowing the backyard. As I passed by our swingset, I took notice of the ruts below the swings. The thought suddenly occurred to me- “I’ll be sad when these are gone.” Afterwards I wrote the following post for my former blog, repaintingthewalls. It’s not a plea for things to never change, but rather, stick around a little longer because I’m not sure I’m ready to let go just yet:

Swingset Ruts, stay awhile.

Resist the pressure from the surrounding grass to fill you in. Kick up a cloud of dust every time I drive over you with the mower. Freeze in time and keep your jagged egg shape until I’m ready to let go. Always provide a soft, dusty place for little feet to sweep back and forth over.

If you can, record the playful laughter and joyful screams you hear above you. May the cracks and crevices we find in you, from the torturous summer heat, look more like crooked smiles than earthly strain.

Every time I notice you I’m reminded of the beautiful gift of my children. I hear their words, “Push me daddy!” “Make me go higher, I want to touch the tree!”

I wouldn’t trade those words for anything on this earth.

I’m eternally grateful for you Swingset Ruts. Our time together will forever be cherished by me. I know it’s impossible to have you stay forever. I’m okay with that. It’s just a fact of life. For now, though, I will hold tightly to every moment I’m given to stand behind you and spend time with my precious children as they live in the fullness of life above!

Question: Do you feel the same way? Is time moving too fast for you and your children? What do you need to do to make the most of every day with them? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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