An Adoptee’s Story Of Overcoming Obstacles And Finding Identity

The Honestly Adoption Podcast - Season 8, Episode 75

One of the brand new content pieces we’ve added to Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent is adoptee stories. We believe in telling transformational stories, and that begins with the amazing adoptees we know and love. We’re kicking this off by sharing Christie Cronan’s story on today’s podcast episode.

On this special 75th episode of the Honestly Adoption Podcast, Mike and Kristin are excited to welcome Christie Cronan to the show. Christie is an adoptee, Korean mom, and blogger at RaisingWhasians. We invite you to listen in as she shares about her ongoing journey toward finding identity, and some of the challenges she faced as an adopted person moving into adulthood.  Christie also has some great tips for how adoptees and adoptive parents can handle those “interesting” or inappropriate questions that others sometimes ask us and our kids.

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Notes & Quotes:

Ways to help your kids work through issues of identity:
  • Realize it is a continuous journey.
  • If you don’t have words to say: tell them you don’t have words, rather than say nothing.
How do you handle inappropriate or “interesting” questions, about your adoption, from others?
  • Give them grace.
  • Realize that questions are good. They are asking because they want to know about you.
  • Acknowledge that the questions probably come from curiosity.
  • Try to answer the questions and ignore the inappropriateness or awkwardness.
  • Offer the other person some advice about how to ask (or not ask) the question in a better way the next time.

“Adoption is awesome, and learning to accept that its awesome through whatever journey you are going through, everyone will take a different route, but hopefully the end result is that you will realize its really an amazing and unique part about your story that nobody else will ever have.  It makes it awesome.  It really does.”  – Christie Cronan

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Question: How have you or your children struggled with finding identity? We would love to hear from you! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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