Should You Foster Or Adopt Out Of Birth Order?

It’s something prospective parents, or those considering the journey again, have wondered: Should I or should I not foster or adopt out of birth order? Here are some thoughts…

I once met with a couple who were adamant about their adoption experience. They had to (and I mean had to) adopt their children in age order. It was a must! It was the law, as far as they were concerned. As I looked them both in the eye, and listened to the high pitches in their tone as they shared their vision, I knew they were serious. They had signed up to be foster parents, not necessarily intending to adopt every child they fostered, but were open to it. 

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Should I Talk To My Child About Their Past Trauma?

It’s a question many of us have wrestled over on this journey. Should we or should we not talk to our child about his or her past trauma? Here are some thoughts…

It’s a conversation we’ve found ourselves in quite often. Many parents believe it’s not a healthy topic of conversation to have with or in front of your children. Others lean on openness and honesty. We lean that way too, but with one big question first…