Can You Really Find Rest On The Weary Road Of Parenting?

#TBT, Season 1, Episode 1- The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast

As we mentioned last Thursday, for the next 4 weeks, leading up to our re-launch of the podcast (with the brand new name of The Honestly Adoption Podcast) we’re sharing some of our favorite past episodes as a special #tbt! Also- you can now visit the brand new landing page for Honestly Adoption by clicking here.

Welcome to the very first season, and the very first episode of our parenting podcast, Honestly Speaking. This has been a long time in the making and we are finally launching. You can’t begin to imagine how excited we are. Our hope is that this, along with our regular content, enriches your life immensely!

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We’re starting off with a big question- “Can you really find rest on the weary road of parenting?” If you’re an adoptive, foster or special needs parent, this is an especially big question. Really, it’s one that every parent, in any walk of life, has pondered a time or two.

We believe you can, and you will, when you become proactive about taking care of you, in the midst of the big task of caring for your children. It’s extremely exhausting, no doubt. We’ve personally found that the steps we talk about in this episode don’t necessarily make exhaustion in parenting disappear forever, but they do help you successfully navigate through it when you’re intentional about taking them.

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Notes and quotes from the show.

During the episode we walked you through 5 action steps from the 9 we share in our book, The Weary Parent’s Guide To Escaping Exhaustion. They are:

  1. Gratitude– the first and foremost step you need to take to find rest is to be grateful for all you have.
  2. SOS– you must be willing to raise your hand and ask for help. You will fail if you don’t do this.
  3. Time Out– you need a break every now and then. You must stop and take one. It may not be a long one, but you must take one.
  4. Recalibration– every parent gets off course. You must take intentional steps to reset your mind, body and spirit in order to get back on track.
  5. Do Something that Brings You Joy– actively start doing something that fills your heart up. It may be a hobby, or a project, or even a place you serve as a volunteer.

In terms of great quotes, we’ll normally reserve this area for some of our guest’s great “truth-bombs,” but we’ll share a few take-aways from the episode. As we were talking through the last action step of, “Do something that brings you joy,” Kristin said this great quote…

Parenting, especially adoption, foster care or special needs, can take a huge toll of your life. And if the ideal picture you once had in your mind didn’t really pan out like you thought it would, you may fight with feeling bitter or resentful at times. One of the things I shared at one point during the episode, and I continually like to encourage my Twitter followers with, is this quote I heard from a local pastor in our area a few years ago…

Resources and links.

As we mentioned in the show, the content we were walking you through came from a new eBook that we recently wrote called The Weary Parent’s Guide To Escaping Exhaustion. It’s yours for FREE!

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You also heard us mention Michael Hyatt who helped us, through his organization, Platform University, build this brand new site that you’re seeing here now. Here are the links to both his blog and Platform U…

Fall enrollment for Platform U (which has helped us grow this blog from a few hundred readers a month to over 20,000 readers a month) is about to close so jump on now if you are interested in joining!

We hope you enjoyed our very first episode from The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast. Don’t be a stranger. Let us know what you thought, what questions you have, or anything else you want talk about.

Question: What’s one take-away you received from our first episode? Share with us. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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