When Do You Step In And Protect Your Child From Themself?

As parents, one of our jobs is to allow our children to make their own decisions, when they’re old enough. But what do you do when you realize you need to step in and make decisions for them? How do you know when it’s time to protect them from themselves?

I remember hearing an old preacher, a long time ago, talk about granting our kids responsibility when they grew older. “We must arrive to the place in our parenting, and when our children are old enough, where we allow them to stand on their own two feet,” he said, through a crackly voice. 

How Do Pastors Find Help When They’re Supposed To Be Helping?

This was supposed to be a post from Kristin about taking better care of yourself while caring for children from hard places. But then I read the story of the recent suicide of California Pastor Andrew Stoecklein, after battling with depression. So I decided to talk openly and honestly about the struggle of being a pastor.

I’ve been there. 

This thought bounced around in my mind in the early morning hours, like words echoing off of canyon walls, as I read the heart-crushing story of how Pastor Andrew Stoecklein’s life ended this past weekend. In the darkness of my bedroom, I wiped tears from my eyes as I thought about his wife and young sons now trying to figure out how to live life without their husband and daddy. I read how he struggled with depression, and anxiety and I identified perfectly.

We’re pretty stoked to introduce Tantrum Tuesday to the world!

This is Dasha, our niece. In this picture she’s ticked because, while watching a parade where FREE candy was being tossed to spectators, she refused to pick up any candy from the ground. She expected the parade participants to personally bring it to her. When we told her that she had to pick the candy up herself she melted!

Let’s be honest, tantrums are hilarious! Not all, but most. Because we’re such amazing parents :-), we decided a few years ago to start taking pictures of our kids having epic meltdowns. Be honest…you do this too!

And, that’s what we’re hoping. We want to invite you to share your child’s epic meltdowns with us. If you have a great documented tantrum, email it to us, along with a brief caption, and we’ll feature it on a future Tantrum Tuesday.

We can’t wait to see your epic tantrums caught on camera!

Disclaimer- we will not post any pictures with children unclothed, children participating in illegal activity, near or including drug or alcohol references, pictures with derogatory or racially charged captions, or pictures that embarrass or harm a child or their parents.

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I saw this video clip on my Facebook timeline and couldn’t stop laughing. This kid is echoing the prayers of anyone who lives in the Midwestern United States! Enjoy a good laugh on this Saturday morning.

Question: Have you been hoping and praying something similar during this brutal winter? I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Check out this awesome video of U.S. Navy Service Member, William Smith, surprising his daughter at her cheerleading practice. She thought he was coming home days later but he surprised her by showing up early. He even made it in time to watch her big competition.

Inspiring and moving videos like this never get old!

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