Let’s Talk About Your Finances

We’re in Episode 2 of our new podcast series entitled New Year, New You. This series is all about maximizing your opportunity in a brand new year.

Finances. Wow! Sticky subject. Especially right after the Holidays. But it’s a crucial topic and there are simply ways you can maximize your money, even if you have a small budget (which a lot of us on the foster and adoptive journey do). Our good friend Chad Johnson, from Blue Financial Coaching joins us to explain some simple methods to make our budget go a long way. Listen to the episode…

How Families Can Eliminate Debt And Save More Money.

The Honestly Adoption Podcast - Season 9, Episode 79

Stressed out about finances again?  Wish you could save more money and eliminate debt?  Is that even possible for families who have many children and are in debt from adoption, cars, or other major expenses?

Welcome Back!  We are kicking off Season 9 of the Honestly Adoption Podcast with an incredible episode! Brian and Cherie Lowe join our hosts, Mike and Kristin Berry, to talk about why eliminating debt can help bring peace to your home, your heart, and your marriage and share some practical strategies for how you can do this even in a large foster or adoptive family.

Listen Now:

7 Benefits Of Living Small, Using Less, And Giving More.

We’re the parents of 8 children, all of whom are adopted. We drive a big old 12-passenger van and a Suburban to boot. Quite often we’re asked how in the world we have enough money to do it all. Our secret isn’t in what we have. It’s in what we’ve decided to live without.


The secret is simple: We live small. We’ve intentionally chosen to live well below our means. It started in 2014 when we sold our large suburban home, gave most of our possessions away, and moved to a house that was less than half the square footage (more on that in a second). We didn’t have to choose this lifestyle. But we did so because we believe we’re part of a bigger story in this world. One of generosity.

The Way Your Kids Handle Money Matters!

I had to teach myself how to handle money. While my dad was great at saving his money, and making wise decisions with the resources he had, he wasn’t that great at passing on his wisdom or technique. For years, I spent money unwisely when I could have saved most of it and had more of it in my pocket!


As our children grow, and develop into young adults, it’s our responsibility to teach them values and principles that will shape their future and place their lives on successful pathways. Using money wisely is a big part of this. The way they save and spend the money depends on the way we teach them to do so.

The Problem With Perfection.

In the great pursuit of the American dream we become fixated on living the perfect life. However, we neglect something powerful and life-changing in the process!


I rarely pay full attention to the movies my children watch. Sure, I’m fully engaged during family movie nights, but other times, like lazy Saturday mornings, I’m pre-occupied with other things. This past Saturday, however, something caught my attention in the movie they were watching. It was The Lego Movie.

Why We’re Not Amish! (Big Family, Small Living- Vol. 2)

Some people are born simple, some have simplicity thrust upon them. We fit into the latter category.


This year my family made the decision to downsize our home by half. We discontinued cable, our newspaper subscription and our gym membership. We had a suspicion that living a simpler life might just fill our home with the opportunity for peace and strong relationships that we had been lacking.

The Art Of Downsizing (Big Family, Small Living, Vol. 1).

We are excited to introduce a new category called “Small Living” to Confessions Of A Parent. This past year we were convicted to start living smaller, even though we have a big family. A couple of times a month, Kristin is going to share different moments and highlights from our experience of living small with a big family!

Here’s a question: Do we need all the material stuff we have? The answer is, we don’t. Even though we label certain possessions a need, we really just want them. The problem for most people is that they have their needs and wants confused. That’s what we discovered last year!

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