Dads And Adoption: How To Find Strength And Hope For The Journey [Podcast].

Season 3, Episode 20- The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast

We’re kicking off a brand new season of The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast. We are so excited to introduce Season 3 to all of you. This is going to be a fun season. We have so many great topics we’re covering. It begins today, with Dads and Adoption…

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Our guest today is Andrew Schneidler, founder of The Permanence Project, an organization dedicated to being a voice for the vulnerable children in the state of Washington. He is also co-founder of The Refresh Conference along with his wife, Michele, who serves as Orphan Care Pastor at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, Washington.

Andrew has an amazing perspective, and valuable wisdom to share, when it comes to helping men on the adoption journey. Specifically, men who are questioning their identity or feeling resentful toward the adoption decision. In this episode he shares some powerful truth in finding strength and hope as an adoptive father.

Listen to the Podcast.


Notes and Quotes from the Show.

Andrew shared so many “truth-bombs” and valuable wisdom that any man who is struggling can take away. Here are some of our favorite quotes…

We talked very openly about the misconceptions our society has when it comes to masculinity, and how prevalent that misunderstanding is in the adoptive community. Here are two powerful truths that Andrew shared concerning this topic…

Finally, Andrew summed up this episode’s topic perfectly when he shared this…

Resources and Links.

As we often do, because are such big believers in this event, we are sharing the link to The Refresh Conference main site. Below that are links to The Permanence Project and The Children’s Law Center of Washington’s main Facebook page…

We hope you enjoyed the season debut of Season 3 of The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast. Feel free to leave a comment below or visit our iTunes page and leave a review. We’d love to hear from you!

Question: Are you an adoptive father? What have you struggled with the most on this journey? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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