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Have you ever considered adoption only to find yourself overwhelmed, lost, or wondering where to begin? Do you have big questions about the adoption journey that seem to go unanswered? Maybe you’ve already adopted but suddenly find yourself struggling with the children you’ve brought into your home, and you’re exhausted!

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If so, you’re not alone.  CreatingRoadmap 3D (Large)Thousands of people have been, or currently are, exactly where you are. That’s why we’ve created an introduction video series to the adoption journey called “Creating Your Adoption Roadmap.” In this 3-part series we walk through some critical steps to mapping out the road ahead of you and understanding some of the big ups and downs on the journey.

We walk you through the mental shift that must occur before you begin the journey, as well as some of the big questions that almost every pre-adoptive couple has. Before the series ends, we discuss how important it is to have a strong support community around you and how to begin building one.

Even if you’re just curious about adoption, but not ready to start the process, this video series will prove to be extremely helpful. The best part? We’re giving it to you for FREE when you join our mailing list.

Here’s what other’s are saying….

I can’t over emphasize how great it is to have someone giving out this information in such a down to earth ‘real’ way. You’ve done a really wonderful job, wish we had been able to hear this before we started our adoption journey more than ten years ago.Maria
What a helpful resource and blog!Jennifer
So much of what you shared is true. Fear and questions and doubt creeps in. I am looking forward to video #3 as we have just started a support group in our area (there hasn’t been one!) for foster and adoptive parents. So, the timing of your videos is perfect for us. Thank you for the information and encouragement!!Angela
New Hampshire

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