How Do I Help My Child Who Doesn’t Have Services?

The Honestly Adoption Podcast- Season 10, Episode 89

On this week’s episode of The Honestly Adoption Podcast, we’re kicking off a brand new season entitled “I Have A Question.” We asked you to send us your biggest questions and we received a ton of great feedback. Today Mike and Kristin begin with “How Do I Help My Child Who Doesn’t Have Services?”

Communicate, communicate, communicate! That’s really what it comes down to when you’re talking about a child you’re caring for who doesn’t need, or have, special services like an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), therapy, special medical services, a behavior plan, or more.

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In this episode, Mike and Kristin discuss the importance of communicating with your child first and foremost. You must be on the same page with your child before you can be on the same page with everyone else. Foster open conversations with your child about what he or she is thinking or feeling, and give them space to express their emotions. Second, it’s critical to establish open communication with your child’s teachers, coaches, Sunday School teacher or small group leader about some of the circumstances surrounding your child.

Be careful to not overshare your child’s story when it’s not necessary.

Determine “Who needs to know,” and then “What they need to know,” when communicating some of the unseen needs of your child.

It’s also important to protect your child, take up a position of advocacy for them, and work to strengthen exterior relationships, such as a teacher, guidance counselor, coach, or small group leader.

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