How This Whole Adoption Journey Began For Us

The Honestly Adoption Podcast - Season 8, Episode 78

It’s our Season 8 finale of The Honestly Adoption Podcast and today we’re talking all things new book, and how the Berrys began this whole adoption process in the first place…

We will be finishing up Season 8 of The Honestly Adoption Podcast by celebrating this week’s book launch for our very own co-founder and host, Mike Berry. Guest hosting on the show today is Matt McCarrick, who interviews Mike and asks all the questions you’ve been dying to know about the book, the launch, and where this all began.

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Notes and Quotes:

“BerryNation are the people that make me a better human being.”

“I was a big resister of adoption back in the day…and the reason was that I grew up in a family that was more traditional…”

“Kristin said, ‘I think we should adopt all of our kids.'”

“The long story made very short was that my heart changed.”

What are some of the unique issues that parents deal with when it comes to adoption?
  • Exhaustion
  • Isolation/Lonliness
  • Trauma 
  • Drug and Alcohol Exposure In-Utero and special needs 

“Isolation is degrading to our soul and to our spirit.”

What cautions would you have for someone considering adoption?

“I think this journey is beautiful, amazing, and full of hope, but I will tell people that there are some things they need to know before the journey:”

  • Do your research and look to people who have gone before you
  • Don’t go online for all of your resources
  • Become trauma-informed
  • Find a support community

“This is a driving theme in the book.  There’s no way we would have made it, had we not had this support community…We need that connection.”

“Love them, love them, love them, but don’t go in without knowing what you are getting yourself into.”

“I really believe you can rush in and still be knowledgeable.”

What happens with the naysayers?

Limit your contact with these kinds of people.  You don’t owe them anything.  This is your journey, your choice, and your family.  Extend grace, gently redirect, and then get firm if needed.

What is Confessions of An Adoptive Parent (the book)?

It is not a bunch of blog posts compiled together.  It takes a simple approach.  There are two big principles throughout the book:  You are not alone, and there is hope!  This book dispels myths we believe as adoptive parents and leads them out of isolation.  We walk through where parents can find hope.  We have woven in stories and principles.

How is it that you continue to find hope through some very difficult times?

“Kristin and I are Christ-followers. Even through these dark moments because even in these dark moments, Jesus enters the mess with us and brings hope.”

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