How To Fight For The Heart Of Your Children [Podcast]

Season 3, Episode 25- The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast

It’s a war that rages in every family, but especially foster and adoptive families. The war for the heart of your children. In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, how do you successfully fight and win this battle?

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In 2014 we went through the ringer with our children. We came face to face with the reality that they were falling apart emotionally, spiritually, even physically. Things needed to change, and fast! But how? As we surveyed the landscape of our family we discovered that we were gridlocked in a war. We faced a real and present enemy who was targeting our family, particularly our children.

We had a choice to make when everything fell apart. Either stay down and take the hits, or get up a fight, knowing that our Heavenly Father was bigger and stronger than the enemy who attacked. We chose to fight. To be honest, it was excruciating. It still is, more than 2 years later. But we’ve found hope. On today’s broadcast of The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast, we’re sharing the story of this war, and the critical battles we had to engage in to win it.

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Notes and Quotes from the Show.

Here are the 7 battles we walk through in the broadcast…

  1. The Battle for the Heart.
  2. The Battle for Love.
  3. The Battle for Time.
  4. The Battle for Influence.
  5. The Battle for Hope.
  6. The Battle for a Bigger Story.
  7. The Battle for the Future

Resources and Links.

We were so fortunate to teach this session at the 2016 CAFO Summit in Orlando, Florida. This has become one of our favorite events each year. If you’re a foster or adoptive parent this is another one of those events that we call, “A must-attend!”

Here’s the link to read more about CAFO’s ministry:

Question: Have you been locked in a spiritual, emotional, or physical battle with your children? Share your story with us in the comment section. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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