How To Fight The Lonely Battle Of Special Needs Parenting [Podcast]

Season 2, Episode 13- The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast

Parenting children with special needs is a mixture of joy and exhaustion. We are in this trench. In today’s episode we, along with our co-host Nicole Goerges, interview popular blogger and speaker Ellen Stumbo on how to fight this sometimes lonely and exhausting battle.

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We consider parenting children with special needs an amazing gift. Over the years we’ve had so many moments of sheer joy and excitement. Not a day goes by where we don’t give thanks for our amazing, creative, and precious children. But, there have also been many moments of exhaustion, weariness and defeat. Let’s face it, parenting children with special needs is hard! How can you fight this sometimes lonely battle? In today’s podcast, we answer this question, and discuss some practical steps every person currently in this trench, can take to find renewal and strength.

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Ellen shared some amazing wisdom in this episode for anyone who is walking the road of parenting children with special needs. Here are some of our favorite take-aways…

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It was such a pleasure for us to feature an awesome blogger and speaker like Ellen Stumbo on our podcast. She’s a great friend of ours and she’s in the very same trench that we’re in. One of the things we love most about Ellen, is the personal touch she brings to the online community of special needs parents. She would love to connect with you through Disability Matters or her blog. Here’s where you can find her…

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