How To Find Rest When You’re Completely Exhausted.

When we first started down the foster and adoptive road, we were energized and excited. But exhaustion quickly kicked in and left us defeated. We soon wondered: Will we ever find our way back to a place of rest?

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I remember staring at our newborn daughter, who was screaming at the top of her lungs at 3am, and begging her to fall back asleep. Of course, being a newborn, she wasn’t listening to me. I yawned one of those out-of-control yawns. I hadn’t seen that hour of the night since college. I soon realized this was just the beginning.

We were tired. No, scratch that, we were utterly and completely exhausted. As the year’s passed, and we adopted 7 more children, we came to know exhaustion on a very personal level. There were times when we felt like we couldn’t face one more day like the one we were in. Several of our children have come from places of trauma. Some have dealt with major attachment issues and it’s left us in a revolving door of emotion.

We’ve had to face the reality of placing a child in residential treatment on more than one occasion. Recently, one of our teenagers had multiple run-ins with police. It’s safe to say that, over the past decade, we’ve rubbed our eyes a time or two. But the physical exhaustion is just one side of the equation. We’ve also walked through emotional and spiritual exhaustion. The kind that feels unending. As if someone walked into our life and stole away any ounce of hope. It’s left us wondering….was there any to begin with?

Finding Hope, Finding Rest.

Maybe that’s you. Maybe you got into foster care, or adoption, with excitement, energy and passion only to discover how defeating it was. Maybe you suddenly realized the child you brought home from another country with such joy, you felt you were going to explode, suffers from deep emotional trauma, and you bear the brunt of it. Perhaps the foster care system has stripped any amount of energy you had away.

We know you want to give up. But can we encourage you with something? Don’t. Don’t give up. There is hope. It may not seem like it now, but there is. We know exactly what you’re going through. You’re not alone on this journey. We’ve been there more times than we can count. We’re still there in many regards. But we’ve found a way through the exhaustion, the lack of energy, and the hopelessness. And we want to share that with you…

We just released a FREE video series entitled, Rest For The Journey. It’s a proven plan to help you beat exhaustion, and find a place of renewed strength, rest, and most of all…hope.

Rest For The Journey: A 3-Step Process To Beat Exhaustion And Find Renewed Strength, will help you identify the origin of your exhaustion, create a new plan to find rest, and move forward with hope. Click here to find out more and get instant access to Video 1.

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In this 3-part series, we will walk you through a plan to find renewed strength, in the middle of the hectic schedule you have, the difficult children you are parenting, the exhaustion you feel from raising children with special needs, or the daily battle of just being a parent.

In Video 1 you will discover…

  • How naming the source of your exhaustion starts you on a path of maximum rest and renewal.
  • The value of stopping and saying, out loud, “I’m tired because I’m doing to much,” or “I have trouble saying no to things.”
  • The reality that you’re not superman or superwoman.
  • How admitting your inadequacy and taking ownership of your exhaustion gives you permission to be a better you.
  • The critical need we all have to take a break, change our routine, and stop doing what hasn’t been working.

We totally understand the battles you fight. We know how tough it is to foster children from traumatic places. We understand the added stress of parenting children with attachment issues or who suffer from disorders like fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. We want you to know…there is hope! We’ve found it. If you want to establish a plan for moving through your exhaustion, get access to our video series now. It’s free! But, it won’t be available for long.

Whether you’re an adoptive or foster parent raising children from difficult places, or the parent of a newborn who’s keep you up all night, this series will help you find the rest you’ve been looking for. Click here to access Video 1 now.

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