How To Love A Child Who Won’t Love You Back

The Honestly Adoption Podcast- Season 8, Episode 77

As we continue to produce new content for Honestly Adoption, we wanted to share another Encore Podcast episode from Season 2. In this episode we discuss practical insights to parenting children who constantly push you away.

That first real hug. Hearing “I love you mom,” and knowing she means it. Watching him participate peacefully with the rest of your family. Having her not melt down when dad puts a gentle hand on her shoulder to guide her on an afternoon walk through the neighborhood.

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These are all things that most parents are accustomed to on a daily basis with their children. They’re normal, everyday, functioning activities. But when your child has come from a traumatic past, bounced from home to home through foster care before coming to yours, or been adopted out of an abusive experience, these are moments you cherish more than gold.

In today’s episode of Honestly Adoption we discuss this openly and share some practical advice on navigating the tricky waters of reactive attachment disorder. Both of our families are currently walking this road. We understand the trials and the frustration. We’ve said this a million times and we’ll continue to say it- You’re not alone! There is hope!

Notes and quotes from the show.

One of our favorite things from The Honestly Adoption podcast is that every time we record an episode, we learn from one another. We always walk away feeling empowered from the discussion. It makes this show worth it but it also has us excited every week. This episode was no different. Here are some of our favorite quotes…

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Resources and links.

As we often do, we receive lots of messages asking where you can find resources. The best thing we can share is to spend some time Googling “Reactive Attachment Disorders” in your specific area. You will find thousands of outlets. We will share one we found to be helpful…

We love the adoptive, foster, and special needs community because there is camaraderie and connection. If you’re in the trench of parenting a child with attachment issues, you’re not alone. We would love to connect with you through our Facebook Page, over email, or in the comment section below. Don’t be a stranger!

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