How To Navigate The Obstacles And Big Myths Of Adoption [Podcast].

Season 2, Episode 15- The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast

The adoption journey is filled with joy, excitement, and it’s fair-share of trials. How do you navigate the obstacles, and even the myths, that are guaranteed to arise?

Season 2-Episode 15.001

In today’s episode, we’re sharing the audio recording from a recent interview that Mike did on The Prepped and Polished Podcast with Alexis Avila. Alexis is an accomplished educator, and leading voice in equipping students to succeed in standardized testing. Alexis interviewed Mike and how this blog came to be, and how to navigate the obstacles and big myths surrounding the adoption journey.

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Notes and Quotes From the Show.

The discussion with Alexis was truly a great experience. There were lots of truths and take-aways when it comes to adoption that Mike shared. Here are a few highlights…

We’ve said this a lot, especially when we’re talking to groups of foster and/or adoptive parents. The scars and open wounds that we wear on our hearts are mostly unknown, and often misunderstood, to the rest of the world.

This statement is one of our core foundational purposes for launching Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent.

If we try to solve the problem of time management, or avoid the busyness of life, we’ll end up frustrated and tired. The key is managing the tension.

*Editor’s Note*- The video series ‘Creating Your Adoption Roadmap,’ that Mike mentions in the recording is currently not available as a free download. The Adoptive Parent Toolbox is now available as a physical book and retails for $13.99. You can click here to purchase a copy.

Resources and Links.

The work that Alexis Avila is doing for families through the Prepped and Polished Podcast is awesome. We are excited to share the links to his website….

Also, as mentioned in the beginning of the show, registration is closing this Friday, February 19th at the strike of midnight. If you’re currently in the trenches of foster care or adoption (or thinking about joining the ranks), DON’T miss Refresh. Click below to get the full scoop…

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