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Over the past 13 years we’ve learned a lot about adoption. Along with adopting all 8 of our children, we’ve also walked with and counseled hundreds of adoptive couples. We’ve grown in more ways that we can begin to count. But it wasn’t always this way. In the beginning we had more questions than answers!



Our application was submitted to the agency and we were on our way! Our excitement started to bubble over. When would our child arrive? When would we be able to hold our brand new baby in our arms? Should we start setting up a room? Should we tell our friends? Should we allow our church to throw us a baby shower? The agency said 3 months for a placement, tops. Should we circle the date on our calendar? What about us? How are we going to handle going from no kids to having a child? Would that be difficult? What should we expect?

Questions. Questions. And more questions.

The agency wasn’t too far off with their prediction. In a little less than 5 months, we brought our baby girl home. It was an exciting day. But it was also the day where our questions began to pile up, more so than they had before her arrival. With the exception of a few folks, who were adoptive parents, we really had no one to help us or answer our questions.

If you’re nodding your head right now…you’re not alone.

Widely Known, Often Misunderstood.

Adoption is unique. It’s also weird to the majority of the human population. In fact, it’s a widely known thing, (thanks to celebrity adoptions, and a few not-so-glamorizing headlines) but often misunderstood. Why in the world a person would raise a child who wasn’t biologically their’s escapes people’s understanding. Ask anyone on the street to tell you something about adoption and they will probably tell you something factual. The why, however, baffles them. Even your own family, or close friends, can’t figure out why you would choose adoption over the old-fashioned way of child-reering.

And that can make the journey extremely lonely. It can leave you questioning why you would do this? It can cause you to ask yourself if this is even worth it! It can slowly chip away at your confidence, like a chisel on bedrock, until you’ve reconsidered, decided the questions are too much, and you’ve made a mistake!

Where Do You Begin?

If you have questions and it seems like there really are no answers, or very few, we want you to know a very important truth- we understand. We’ve been there. When we first began the adoption journey we were lost. Even through the excitement, and all of the homework and study we did on the process, we had more questions than answers. It can be overwhelming and daunting. Heck, I’d even say defeating.

But what if there were a way to have many of your questions answered? Have you ever wondered that? How different would your journey be? What if you could transform your entire experience before you took the first step? We believe you can.

We’re so excited to release the first of 4 videos in a FREE series called “Creating Your Adoption Roadmap,” today. In this series we are going to walk you through some crucial first steps you must take when you are first beginning, or continuing, your adoption journey. We know how overwhelming this can be. But we also know how rewarding and exciting the journey is when you walk into it as prepared as possible.

You will never find all the answers to all of your questions. It’s a reality. And you can plan on several curve balls or twists and turns. But, there is help and you are not alone. If you’re ready to find the help you need, click the yellow button below and learn how to create your adoption roadmap today.

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