Introducing “Roots For The Journey” App.

As a parent and a family life pastor I am always in search of great new resources that can help families grow together, especially in their walk with Christ.

I am excited to say that I have found another one of those great resources. My good friend, and musical artist, Yancy, has released a great App called Roots For The Journey in conjunction with her latest album by the same title. In her many years of ministering to thousands of children through story and song, she had a dream that was bigger than simply another album release.

Yancy spends most of her time doing family concerts and making music and worship resources that play in minivans and churches worldwide. So, the question was asked: how could she mix her audience that ranges from preteen all the way down to preschool with this new music she created?

What if she made an app to help parents teach their kids timeless Biblical truths? What if we could give parents tools to make these scriptures come alive to their children. Thus, Roots for the Journey App was born. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


The app provides family devotions, conversations, activities, prayers and more. Being an app, it isn’t just about being at home, in the living room and having spiritual time for a hour. You could do parts of the devotion on the go, in the car, during dinner or whenever your family is gathered together. There are multiple ways you can talk about and reinforce the truth of God’s Word. The song, as you listen, will help tie that message to a melody that kids can latch onto and sing.

Music is an amazing way to communicate. Think about it- we remember songs from long ago. The same is true for your kids. So, having the music is a tool that will reinforce the lessons, conversations, activities and prayers. Most importantly, through this App, Yancy wants to help families hide God’s word in their hearts. Psalm 119:11 says, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

I love this App! It is an innovative and engaging resource that truly connects the entire family. In a fast-paced world where sports schedules, school and job demands, and extra-curricular activities keep us moving in all different directions, an App like Roots For The Journey is a simple and creative way to stay grounded in faith as a family.

Don’t waste one more minute. Download Roots For The Journey App now. Here are the links for iPhone, iPad & Android:

Another great bonus for parents are articles on parenting, from Yancy’s Dad and Children’s Ministry Pioneer, Jim Wideman and the founder of the Orange Conference, 252 and First Look Curriculums Reggie Joiner.

While you’re at it, download Yancy’s ablum, Roots For The Journey. My kids love her music. They listen to it on repeat all the time. It’s fun, energetic, and grounded in timeless truths! I firmly believe that your children will love it too!

Are you using Roots For The Journey App? What are some of your thoughts? Share in the comment section of this post!

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