Is It Disobedience Or Sensory Input Needs?

The Honestly Adoption Podcast- Season 13, Episode 107

In our latest episode of The Honestly Adoption Podcast we answer the question, “Is it disobedience or sensory input needs?” Watch below now on YouTube or download the audio…

We often confuse the need for sensory input for bad behaviors, or a child who just can’t settle down. But for children who have a trauma history, and have lost control of that area of their life, there is a deep need for comfort and security that they do not know how to articulate. So, it comes out through behaviors. In today’s episode we discuss strategies to help your child receive the sensory input he, or she, needs. Listen to the episode now…

During this show we discuss…

Looking beyond behaviors like…

  • The child who’s body is always out of control
  • The child who continually taps on the desk at school
  • The child who covers their ears when it starts to get loud

*Everyone has a need for sensory input. 

  • Everyone has a need to be met
  • Everyone needs security
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What are the signs of a sensory disorder? 

  • Talking loudly over everyone else.
  • Bumping into others, or objects.
  • Chewing things, like the collar of a t-shirt.
  • Flailing body
  • Hitting walls
  • Hands over ears
  • Pulling away from touch
  • Shielding eyes
  • Tripping over nothing
  • Refusing to wear certain types of clothing
  • Taps feet constantly

What to do…

  1. Investigate
    • When is the child struggling?
    • What is the environment?
    • ASK: What do you need?
  2. Think outside the box:
    • Fidgets, headphones, clothes, chewables, weighted products
  3. Try again
  4. Check out these valuable websites:

**Talk to your pediatrician who can refer you to an occupational therapist for evaluation.

Question: What are some ‘ah-ha’ moments from today’s show? Share with us in the comment section below this post. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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