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We all need hope on the journey of foster care, adoption and special needs parenting. But, often, it feels so far away. We start to wonder, “Will I never find any?”

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Hope. Just saying the word fills you with a myriad of emotions, doesn’t it? You either feel a peace that passes all understanding because you’ve discovered hope, or you’re struggling to breathe because you’ve lost hope altogether.  Sometimes we look at life, and the difficult circumstances we are presently in with our children, and feel as though we’ll never find our way through this. But what if we told you, there is hope. And, you can find it!

We want to invite you to join us for a free online event, happening March 1st-10th, 2017, called The Hope Summit. It’s free to join and will take place entirely online, so you don’t have to travel anywhere. The Summit will feature 10 real-life people, just like you, who have gone through some of the toughest, most defeating, life circumstances, but have found hope in the middle of them. Their stories of courage in the midst of dark moments will inspire you.

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From March 1st through the 10th we will share a new story everyday. Here’s who you will meet…

  • Lisa Qualls. Lisa is a birth mother, foster parent, adoptive and biological parent. She and her husband Russ have traveled through major ups and downs on the journey, including the devastating loss of their daughter in a car accident in 2014.
  • Mark and Michelle McKinney. Mark and Michelle followed the calling to adopt just a few years into their marriage. They decided to adopt children who were HIV positive. This decision caused many to raise their eyebrows. But Mark and Michelle pushed ahead and are now a voice of advocacy for HIV awareness.
  • Jason Jones. Five years ago Jason faced unimaginable tragedy when his 3 year old son died in a tragic accident at their home. In the years since, Jason has become a beacon of hope, telling their heartbreaking story but using it to infuse others with hope.
  • Tricia Collins. As a teenager, Tricia bounced from foster home to foster home and did everything in her power to get herself kicked out of each home. On paper she was considered hopeless. But after one loving couple extended unbelievable grace and love to her, her life changed forever. But not for many years after.
  • Karen Anderson. As a foster parent who has cared for numerous kids from vulnerable places, Karen knows the ups and downs of this journey. She has seen the very dark places of disorders like FASD and attachment. But she has discovered hope in the middle of it.
  • Courtney Westlake. Several years ago, Courtney became an unexpected special needs parent. As she and her husband were preparing for the birth of their second child, life threw them a major curveball and they had to learn to live in an unforeseen new normal.
  • Rachel Lewis. As a foster and adoptive parent, Rachel and her husband dreamed of bringing home their forever child. But when plans didn’t work out the way they thought they would, they were forced to say goodbye to the child they had given their home and heart to. It was devastating but there was unexpected hope in the middle of the ashes.
  • Jesse and Andrea DeBoer. In the beginning days of their journey they never could expect that their joyful decision to adopt would become years of waiting. Jesse and Andrea have both been to the darkest places of wondering, hoping, pleading, and almost total abandonment. But they have overcome and found peace and hope as a result.
  • Carrie Blaske. Not that long ago, Carrie, a fellow foster and adoptive mother, found herself overwhelmed and exhausted to the point of not being able to function, or care for her family. In the midst of this, she decided to make massive changes. She discovered the healing power of self-care, and the great need for community.
  • Tara Bradford. Tara was adopted at a very young age from South Korea but soon found herself in the middle of a failing marriage between her parents. For years she wrestled through self-blame, identity issues, and missing purpose. But she found hope and healing when she discovered where her true identity was found, and the purpose she was put on this earth to accomplish.

We can’t wait for you to hear the amazing and powerful stories of our guests. We must warn you though- the Summit will only be available for a limited time, and will close down for good on March 10th. After that, the only way you will be able to watch the videos will be through our new online support site, Oasis Community. So, don’t wait to join. There’s plenty of space for you. If you’re looking for encouragement and inspiration on the sometimes defeating journey of foster care, adoption, and special needs parenting, you will find it through The Hope Summit!

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Question: Are you looking for hope? Got any questions about the upcoming Summit? Leave us a comment in the comment section below. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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