Meet The People Who Are Bringing Hope To Foster And Adoptive Parents Worldwide!

The Honestly Adoption Podcast - Season 7, Episode 66

A few years ago, Mike and Kristin realized that they needed community and resources as they continued their adoptive and foster journey. Seeing that other foster and adoptive parents were in that same boat with them led to the development of Confessions of an Adoptive Parent and The Honestly Adoption Podcast. Last April, they launched Oasis Community, an online community full of resources and support, exclusively for foster and adoptive parents.

Today, Mike and Kristin want to introduce you to the people who make Oasis happen and bring encouragement to weary parents worldwide: Karen Anderson, Jen Summers, Beaver Trumble, and Matt McCarrick. Karen, Jen, and Beaver are all adoptive and foster parents, who are part of the Oasis Care Team (the people who are available online for support and encouragement), and Matt oversees content editing, emails, and publishing details. Listen in to discover what they believe makes Oasis so special!

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Notes and Quotes:

What makes Oasis Community unique?

“What makes Oasis special is that it is an understanding community… and a safe space.” – Jen

“What you have is a community of people who are deeply committed to their families in spite of their challenges.” – Karen

“The group of people who are like-minded and…they get it.” – Beaver

“It’s amazing, the community I find there…it’s not superficial…the help the Care Team gives is incredible.” -Matt

What is a word of hope you have for foster and adoptive families?

“We get it.  We’ve been to those dark and “hopeless-feeling” places. You can’t see it right now or feel it right now…please find someone where you can get that support” -Jen

“Being alone is one thing, but being lonely is an entirely different thing. We hold each other’s arms up.  Having someone do this makes a huge difference. You don’t have to be alone. There are others who understand.” – Karen

“We’re not experts, but we are walking this journey with you.  We are there with you.  You are not alone in this.” – Beaver

Also, Matt reminds listeners that Oasis has a host of expert interviews available to adoptive and foster parents.  For a fraction of what it would cost to line up counseling or training with experts like Dr. Ira Chasnoff and Dr. Deborah Gray, Oasis offers parents amazing resources to equip and encourage.

Each month Oasis adds a new Backstage Pass interview with an expert in the field of adoption and foster care, Kitchen Table Talks with Mike and Kristin for encouragement, a Live Q and A where members can ask a therapist their questions. There are also printed resources, a member forum where you can interact with hundreds of other members from all over the world, and Masterclass Videos that go even deeper and provide certificates of training for CEUs and license hours.

Resources and Links:

Have you considered joining Oasis? If you love The Honestly Adoption Podcast and Confessions of an Adoptive Parent, we can guess that you will love Oasis Community!  Fall enrollment is only open for a few more days and we don’t want you to miss out!  We’re closing everything down this Saturday, November 18th at the stroke of midnight, PST. As a special for today’s listeners we would love for you to get your first month for just $5 when you use the code: OasisFall17 during checkout!  Join Oasis now!  

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