My First “13 Promises In ’13” Checkup.

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I don’t like physicals or check-ups at the doctor’s office.

Don’t get me started on the dentist either! I fear every time I’m there that I’ll hear the words “cavity” or “anesthetic”.

But if I want to stay healthy there are times I’ll have to do the things I don’t want to do and go to places I really don’t want to go- like the doctor’s office. I know I need regular check-ups to stay healthy and, yes, even a dreaded shot every now and then.

With that being said, it’s time for my first blogger check-up.

On January 2nd I posted my 13 Promises I’m Making To My Family In ’13. I did so because I was tired of making New Year’s Resolutions only to get a month or 2 into the new year and falter on nearly every one. A promise is different. It’s a covenant. Covenants hurt. Don’t believe me? Just read what happened in the Bible in Genesis 17:1-27 if you don’t believe me. Ouch!

I realize that it’s very easy to type out a blog post, make some promises, humor a group of readers, and then go on with life as if nothing was ever said or done. Believe me, I’ve done this many times in my 5-year blogging career. However, I’m tired of doing that. As painful as this is, it’s time to grade where I’m at with my promises. I’m not doing this for recognition or reader approval. I’m doing this for accountability. I want to stay on course this new year. So, here goes….

(The original promises are listed as they were written in the original post followed by the grade I’m giving myself, quoted & italicized.) 

1. Be content with what I’ve already been given.

Grade- A. I can actually say that I’ve been feeling pretty content lately!

2. Turn my cell phone off when I get home from work.

Grade- C+. I need to do better with this one!

3. Save my money.

Grade- B+. Not too bad so far.

4. Always hug and kiss each of them before I leave in the morning.

Grade- B+. The only times I miss are when I leave before they’re awake.

5. Make hugging and kissing them the first thing I do when I get home at night.

Grade- A-. I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping this promise.

6. Play in the snow (or backyard in the summer) with my kids more often. 

Grade- C. I’ve got to do better at making this a priority.

7. Spend time with each of them, on their turf, on their time.

Grade- C+. I’m slowly turning this one around. My biggest issue is that I think I have more time than I do.

8. Only blog early in the morning, before my family is awake. 

Grade- A. I get up really early so this hasn’t really been a problem.

9. Dance with my daughters to Just Dance 4.

Grade- B. I’m not a dancer so this has been physically difficult to maintain.

10. Not freak out over fingerprints on the wall or clutter lying around. 

Grade- A+. I haven’t panicked yet. Hopefully I can keep that going. 

11. Tell my wife she’s beautiful everyday and let her know how grateful I am for her.

Grade- B+. Even on the busy days this needs to be a top priority. 

12. Model what I say I believe before my wife and kids.

Grade- B-. Also, needs to be a top priority. 

13. Be nicer to my 3 dogs.

Grade- C+. Ironically, this is the promise I’ve been asked about the most. I’m getting better…I promise!

My next check up will come in a month or 2. Obviously, I’ve still got work to do. But…don’t we all?

How have you been doing on your New Year’s promises? 

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