There's finally a place to find support, replenishment, and the resources you need on the Foster, Adoptive and Special Needs parenting journey.


Have you ever felt alone on the journey of foster care, adoption, or special needs parenting? Ever longed for resoures that were relevant and applicable to your particular circumstance with your child? Ever wish you could simply open up your laptop, click a mouse, or turn your phone on and connect with people who get you, and all of this?  

That's what Oasis Community is all about! It's designed by foster and adoptive parents FOR foster and adoptive parents and exists for the sole purpose of providing real-time support, in-depth resources, and replenishment on the journey. 

Whether you need a mentor, some encouragement, a listing of therapists in your area, or video resources for credit hours, Oasis is your one-stop for just about anything on the journey! 


As a member of Oasis Community, you'll have access to a lot of great content every single month. Here's a snapshot... 


Oasis Community features an entire team of fellow foster, adoptive, and special needs parents who are available all week long to chat online with you, or connect through a video call for encouragement, support, and ongoing mentoring!  


Everything from video interviews with the world's leading experts in trauma, attachment, bonding, and disorders like FASD and RAD, to Live Q&A Calls, to a robust Resource Page, Oasis provide relevant in-depth content every single month!


Our Community Forum is available 24-7 for you to pose questions, seek advice, or share valuable resources or tools you've recently discovered!


From quarterly training videos, to expert interviews, to valuable bonus content on our Resource Page, each month will produce a plethora of 'extras' you can use for credit hours for foster care liscensure, or just to freshen up on ideals and healthy practices on the journey!

(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions?

How much does Oasis cost? What does my membership include? Who are the experts you guys are interviewing? Can I receive credit from my agency for watching the video resources? 

We know you've got a lot of questions. Well, we've got answers. Click below to read our F.A.Q. page on Oasis.... 


"Oasis Community! Anyone else read those two words and have any of these immediate thoughts run through their head/heart? The words Oasis and Foster/Adoption do not go in the same sentence. It is an oxymoron! Community: Who has time for community when life is so busy or hard? You are not alone! If you are like me, it can feel like a risk to seek out an Oasis on this journey. GREAT news! Oasis Community is set up and created for YOU! Visually you will not be bombarded: Clean, clear, simple site navigation that even the most weary parent can navigate. Content: Deep, rich, REAL content/resources and opportunity to online or one on one conversations. No to do lists here, just real life people sharing the journey. It is time to take a look at Oasis community! Come on in, and see what it is like. Don't the words sound a bit different to you now?"

- Carrie Blaske (Adoptive Mother, Self-Care trainer, and Speaker)

"Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about connecting foster and adoptive parents to real community with others who 'get it!' Theres no way you can make it on this journey without support, encouragement, and the resources you need. You find that in community. Well, Oasis IS THAT COMMUNITY. Seriously, you guys! These folks get it and that's why we love what they are doing. Not only do they offer amazing resources every single month, but they have a team of people (just like you) who are committed to walking with you, mentoring you, and supporting you when you need it the most. You can't go wrong by joining Oasis!"

- Andrew Schneidler (Adoptive Father, Co-Founder of The Refresh Conference, & Adoption Attorney)

"I love adoption, and one of our daughters joined our family through international adoption. As much as our family has found a rhythm, there are times when we find ourselves in situations where we feel lost. How do I help my daughter? How do I find strength when I feel like I am in the trenches? I’ve also found that not everyone understands the intricacies of adoption (sometimes even professionals). When I heard about Oasis Community I knew it would be a solace for the times when the going gets tough. Most of all, it is a place where I know I am not alone. My first time inside Oasis I felt I’d finally found a place where I could connect with other parents like me and a place where I could learn and grow as I parent a child who comes from a hard place. The interviews and the resources are exactly what I needed (access to The Hope Summit is included in the membership!) I’ve talked to many other adoptive parents, and many of us wrestle with similar issues. If you are on the fence about joining the Oasis Community, go ahead and join. The content, resources, and community is what many of us adoptive parents need."

- Ellen Stumbo (Mom of children with special needs, Blogger, Author, and Speaker)

"Oasis Community is a great way to find connections with others on the journey of foster-care and adoption. It's also a place you can find much needed resources to keep you sustained as you pursue the hearts of your children. This combination of connection and resources is what makes Oasis Community a very special place. I hope all parents in this category can utilize this community to find rest, restoration, and resources on their journey."

- Allen Denver (Adoptive father)


$15 initially, then $15 every month after. Your membership comes with full access to all of our monthly video content, our monthly Live "Ask A Therapist" Q&A Calls, our quarterly foster and adoptive training series, and access to our Care Team where you can find support and ongoing mentorship.  



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