(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions

What is Oasis Community?

Wow, perfect first question! And probably the most important one.... :-). Oasis is a virtual support system offering 24-7 access to helpful resources, relevant and applicable training, and parent-to-parent support through online chat and video meet-ups. 

Does Oasis Community membership cost, and if so, how much?

Yes, Oasis does have a cost. Enrollment is $16.00 monthly.

Why does Oasis Community memberhip cost?

Oasis has a cost for two reasons- we have a team of amazing, caring parents just like you who are available during the week to support you. The other reason is that there are costs associated with maintaining the site and continuing to deliver valuable resources every month. 

What's included in my Oasis Community membership?

Oasis membership gives you unlimited access to monthly encouragement and training videos, our community forum, online chat and video support, monthly live Q&A calls, self-care help, an ever-growing resource center, and email support. Every month we deliver top-notch video resources that bring value and insight to your journey. Oasis is focused on 3 big needs that foster and adoptive parents have- (1) practical resources, (2) relevant training, and (3) parent-to-parent support. Within our practical resources we offer montly downloadable content, state-by-state therapuedic and clinician guides, post-adoptive resource guides, bonus video series, and webinar replays. Our team of resource curators work ongoing to bring the most up-to-date resources. We also offer a slew of encouragement resources such as our Self-Care Minute videos, which bring simple insight into better caring for you, and our Kitchen Table Talk videos, which take hot topics and provide an informal discussion around each. Within our relevant training we offer 3 different videos each month: Our Backstage Pass videos give you access to thought leaders, key influencers, authors and bloggers in the foster and adoptive space. They include expert interviews with world-renown experts like Deboarah Gray and Ira Chasnoff. Second, our Masterclass Series is a monthly training video series that brings valuable perspectives and training around relevant topics such as FASDs, RAD, attachment therapy, healthy bonding, and more. Third, we offer online Live Q&A Calls with a team of highly qualified trauma-informed therapists who are equipped to answer members big questions in real-time. Within our support, we provide real-time connection through online chat, video meet-ups, and our private community forum. We have an amazing team of people who serve as our Care Team Members. Their primary job is to respond to chat and video requests as well as interact with members in our Community Forum

Who are the experts involved in Backstage Pass and Masterclass videos? 

We have partnerships with world-renown experts like Dr. Ira Chasnoff and Deborah Gray, not to mention a plethora of credentialed experts in the fields of trauma information, attachment and bonding, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, psychology, and therapuedic medicine. We have an extremely specific list of criteria that each expert must meet before being featured in a Backstage Pass or Masterclass Video. 

How do we get credit for watching video interviews, attending a Masterclass, or Live Q&A Call? 

We will provide signed certificates of training for those who attend Masterclass training, Live Q&A Calls, or Backstage Pass Videos. To obtain credit for general video resources, members will need to reach out to our support team to receive a signed certificate. Credit is dependant on what your particular agency permits.

How often will new resources be available?

Our video resorces, as well as Live Q&A Calls, will be brand new every month. We will regularly send out updates with the latest information. Along with this there is a live feed within Oasis featuring the most recent content. 

When can I access Oasis resources?

Always, at any point, day or night, 24-7, 365 days a year! Our video resources, Live Q&A replays, and Community Forum are always open. Online chat and video support is available during the weeks and weekends (see below). 

Is Oasis Community Confidential?

Trust us, we know how real this fear is, especially if you're a foster parent. The simple answer is yes, Oasis is a member-only site. It is not accessible by the outside world, or anyone who is not a member. The online chat and video support feature with our Care Team Members is completely confidential. The only public part of Oasis, in terms of other members being able to see it, is our Community Forum, but our Care Team Members monitor the conversations daily. 

Will members be able to share openly and honestly, without fear of judgement or criticism?

Our entire team stronly dislikes judgment and will not tolerate it for one second. So, the answer is yes, you will be able to share openly and honestly without fear of judgement or criticism. This will be the case for the Community Forum as well as online chat and video support.  

Does Oasis Community replace Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent (our blog), The Honesly Adoption Podcast, or The Resting Place (or self-care course)?

Another great question! No, both Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent, The Resting Place, and The Honestly Adoption Podcast will continue to exist and deliver great content. The difference is that both our blog and The Resting Place do not offer ongoing video resources, or real-time support like Oasis does. 

How is Oasis different from joining a Facebook Group for foster, adoptive, and special needs parents?

There are several reasons, actually. The first is that Facebook Groups rarely provide the exclusivity and privacy that Oasis does. Even when privacy settings on Facebook Groups are set to private or closed, outside members can see content, but just not be able to join. Secondly, Oasis provides resources and support that you cannot find on Facebook Groups. We're not against Facebook Groups or public forums at all and find value in a lot of them. Our Confessions Facebook page has over 33,000 followers and the conversation is fluid. The same is true for our Resting Place Facebook Group which is a closed group. But, neither provide the level of support or resources that Oasis will. 

Will joining Oasis help me find an actual support group in my community?

Yes, it certainly will. We are actually in partnership with several located organizations in the endeavor to reach around the globe, to every major city, and launch groups which serve as physical support groups for foster, adoptive and special needs parents.  

Who are your Care Team Members and what are their credentials?

Great question! Our Care Team Members are parents just like you. They are in the trenches of foster care, adoption, and special needs parenting just like you. They are NOT doctors, therapists, or couselors. They are friends who are there to listen with empathy, and share in the struggles of the journey. We are fortunate to have amazing members of this team from all across the United States. As Oasis grows so will our team and our global reach!  

Is Chat and Video support available 24/7, 365 days a year?

Not quite around the clock but pretty close. Since Oasis is a virtual support system and our team members live all over the US in different time zones, there's rarely an instance where chat and video support is not available. The only acception are major holidays and weekends. 

Is Oasis for a certain family dynamic or faith-basis?

Oasis Community is a site for all parents, of all faiths, beliefs, or family dynamic. We provide value-driven, wholesome content, and empathetic support to help families on the journey, regardless of their make-up, design, or faith background. While many of our presenters and team members come from a faith-background, we are not exclusively tied to any particular faith or creed, nor is any one particular belief system represented to promoted. We exist exclusively for the care and support of parents in the trenches.  

Can I cancel my Oasis Community membership at any point?

Yes, you can. However, cancelling your membership will mean you no longer have access to our monthly video resources, Community Forum, or chat and video support. 

Can I join Oasis Community at any point?

YES, you can! Enrollment is now open year round. If you need to take a break from your membership, you can come back and join us at any point. However, you may miss out on valuable content or special offers if you step out. Don't say we didn't warn you!  

How do I enroll for Oasis Community membership?

Probably our favorite question! Enrollment is now open. To join, simply click below... 

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