Overcoming A “Case Of The Mondays!”

If your house is anything like mine, you suffer from a severe hangover when Monday morning arrives. Not an alcohol hangover (okay, maybe some of you do, but that’s a different issue for a different blog)

I’m talking about the Demotivation Hangover. The one you get from 2 days of not having to get homework finished, lunches packed, clothes laid out, school bags checked, laundry done, notes written to teachers, field trips paid for, etc. etc.

The culprits are usually uneventful Saturdays and Sundays with doses of sleeping in and staying up late mixed in. I’m pretty sure you’re tracking with me now, right?

While we honestly face this just about every single week in our household, there are some things that we’ve learned that may help you out, especially if you’re new at getting kids out the door and on the bus.
(Note- I can honestly give these points of advice because we’ve tried and failed them all and we are continually learning how to do these things better! You’re not alone:))

Here are 4 ways that may help overcome a demotivating “case of the Mondays.”

1. Think “night before,” instead of “morning of.” 

I find myself continually scratching my head, wondering why I didn’t do this or that the night before when everything was peaceful and there was no rush. I think it has to do with the fact that our family is busy on the weekends and by Sunday night, we’re exhausted! That might be the case for your family as well. The truth is, when we do get everything lined up on Sunday night, it makes for a much more peaceful and easy going Monday morning.

2. Keep a checklist of things that need to happen before Monday morning arrives.

My wife is a master at keeping and following checklists. She’s got a checklist for everything. This is a lesson I continue to learn because I’m not the best at keeping or following checklists. But by not doing this, the result is almost always frustration and disorganization. Keeping and following a checklist of the top things that need to happen will ensure your readiness and keep you focused on the most important things.

3. Block out “set up time” and “sacred time” in your Sunday night schedule. 

Set up time is the time you set aside to literally finish up homework, go through school bags, pack lunches, and get clothes folded and laid out for the following morning. It could be an hour, 2 hours, or whatever amount of time you need to get the essentials completed. Sacred time is the time you block out to spend uninterrupted time with your spouse and children. There should be no “set up time” going on during “sacred time.” It should no other than a relaxing time with your family. You need that calm before the storm. You need to have that uneventful and uninterrupted time with your spouse and kids. We struggle with this the most. But when we’ve succeeded at instilling these blocks of times in our schedule, Monday’s are a win for our family.

4. Get to bed on time!

Finally, make sure everyone (kids, parents & even pets) get to bed on time. The reality is that Saturdays and Sundays are a deviation from the week-long schedule and that’s okay. They’re supposed to be! The trick is making it a priority to get back into the swing of things on Sunday night. An important way is adequate rest. When everyone is sleep deprived you can bet that a big ole “case of the Mondays” are headed your way.

Maybe you’re sitting in your momentary quiet house right now, frazzled and stressed out from an overly-crazy Monday morning and you’re trying to figure out how to do things differently! Try the 4 ways I’ve listed above. See if there’s any change. They make a world of difference for us when we get them right. Our hope is that they will help you too!

Question- These 4 things aren’t the end-all! What are some other ways you’ve found helpful in ensuring cases of the Mondays are at a minimum? Join the conversation!

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