Parenthood: The Business Of “Ruining Lives!”

Rolling eyes. 

Groans of agony.

Stomping feet.

Pouting lips. 

Whiny “whys?” 

You’re a life ruiner! Just admit it. That’s what you do as a parent. You ruin your children’s lives, every…single…day.

You ask them to shower before bed so they won’t smell weird at school- you life ruiner!

You won’t let them stay up until the middle of the night because they will be cranky the next day- you dream crusher!

You make them change the sweatshirt they’ve been wearing to bed for the past 3 nights before they head off to school- you hope stealer!

You expect them to eat the healthy food you prepare for them because it will help them grow and stay nourished- you dictatorial tyrant!

You tell them to brush their teeth before they go to bed at night and before they go to school the next morning so they won’t get cavities and have to face the dentist- you murderous ogre!

How unreasonable are you? The nerve of you to actually care for your children and guide them with love and concern. You should be ashamed of yourself! Can’t you see that you’re cutting off their oxygen….thwarting their very existence….swiping away their hope for eternity?

Truth is- if your kid has screamed those beloved words, “You ruined my life!” because you’re doing your job as a parent and taking good care of them, then you can take comfort in knowing you’re right on track (unless, of course, you are ruining their life by not doing your job…separate post though).

Question: Has your child screamed these words at you? What were the reasons you “ruined their life?”

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