Season 1, Episode 2: How To Live A Life Of Compassion And Change The World [Podcast]

Most human beings want to change the world. But where do you begin? In a culture packed with get-rich schemes, overnight YouTube sensations, and more, world-change gets convoluted. In today’s podcast we talk about what it really means to change the world.


He was supposed to bounce from foster home to foster home until someone hopefully adopted him. At least, that was the plan. It didn’t hold much of a promise though. There were a lot of infants, lots of children waiting to be adopted in Western Maryland at the time. The story changed for him when a 17-year old girl with a big heart for children, and a longing to be a parent, walked through the door. He had found his forever home.

That was the beginning of a life of compassion for comedian, author, and Compassion International advocate, Tony Wolf. Compassion was shown to him as a baby, and he in-turn ventured out into a lost and hopeless world with a compassionate heart and a vision to change the lives of thousands. In fact, it’s what drives his message, his humor, and his platform every time he steps onto a stage to perform.

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Editor’s Note- we inadvertently refer to this episode in the beginning of the show as “Season 1, Episode 4” which in fact it’s actually “Season 1, Episode 2.”

Notes and Quotes from the Show.

Every time we hang out with Tony we walk away laughing about something he said, or a conversation we had with him. But we’re also moved by his words. Here are some quotable moments from today’s show…

This quote especially made us laugh. We love Tony’s authenticity and ability to see both the humor and the beauty in the world around him.

Entitlement is such a devastating disease. Sadly, most human beings don’t even realize they’re infected by it. It tends to be human nature to believe you deserve something. The only thing that will change that is choosing a life of compassion.

Our favorite quote by far from this episode. This pretty much sums up everything we’re hoping to accomplish.

Resources and Links.

In this episode we discussed some impactful resources and links, most notably Compassion International and World Vision, who are both doing amazing work all over the globe. They’re providing opportunities for you and I to change a child’s story right from where we live, through child sponsorship and education programs.

Here are the 3 main websites we talked about in the episode…

Orphan Sunday.

This coming Sunday, November 8th is Orphan Sunday and we are particularly passionate about this initiative because of our own adoption journey, along with the work we’ve done with many other families. The work that Christian Alliance For Orphans (CAFO) is doing is out of this world. Impactful and revolutionary.

Take some time to visit the Orphan Sunday page and see how you can get involved in changing the story for a child in need!

Question: How has your life been touched by compassion? How can you begin to show it to others? Share your story with us! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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