I walked into my kitchen early one morning last week, to the sight of dishes overflowing from our sink.

My shoulders sunk, I hung my head, raising my right hand to my head, and squeezing my forehead. It was my responsibility. I’m the one who’s supposed to take care of the dishes but I had forgotten. The night before was too much. I was tired from the day and all my wife and I wanted to do was veg out on the sofa. We did. But now, in the early morning hours, I was paying the price.


As I stood there staring at the seemingly unending stack of dishes, the thought occurred to me- “Sometimes, it’s just like this!”

Sometimes the dishes do not get done and they are left piling up!

Sometimes you get a note from the bus driver saying that your son was unruly.

Sometimes the laundry is overwhelming.

Sometimes your daughter comes home and tells you news that breaks your heart.

Sometimes your supposed house-trained dog drops a lovely  gift on your dining room carpet.

Sometimes you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Sometimes your infant refuses to eat or sleep and you are at a loss.

Sometimes you almost lose it when awakened for the millionth time in the middle of the night to change pee-soaked sheets.

Sometimes it seems like everyone else in the world has got it all together.

Sometimes it’s the end of the month and you’re almost out of money but you still need to buy groceries.

Sometimes people are rude to you.

Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do to make your kids happy.

Sometimes the week is filled with more bad days than good.

Sometimes people make life choices that are out of your control and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Sometimes your extended family just doesn’t get it.

Sometimes you have to pay bills (wait…all the time you have to pay bills!!)

Sometimes you feel like giving up because giving up seems much easier than continuing to believe.

Sometimes there’s an odor in your house that you can’t explain nor can you find.

Sometimes your car needs repair and you don’t have the money to fix it.

Sometimes your friends seem a million miles away.

Sometimes God seems further.

Sometimes you wonder how you arrived at this point in life.

Sometimes you lose something and it hurts deeply.

Sometimes the hurt lasts for a very very long time.

Sometimes you struggle to forgive.

Sometimes the sun is covered up by dark grey clouds.

Sometimes you look at your spouse after years of marriage and wonder if they still love you and if you still love them the way you did back in the day.

Sometimes the fight just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

Sometimes your family is about to push you over the edge.

Sometimes it gets cold and you forgot to get the furnace fixed.

Sometimes your boss is about to drive you insane.

Sometimes your house, that you loved so much at one point, has started to feel more like a prison than a home.

Sometimes your son throws an enormous, embarrassing fit in Kroger.

Sometimes people say things about you behind your back and you find out later.

Sometimes your children are disobedient and listen to nothing that you say.

Sometimes all hell breaks lose and your once peaceful life is suddenly thrust into utter and complete chaos.

Sometime you lose someone you loved deeply, tragically.

Sometimes the dishes pile up. Sometimes the sky really does feel like it’s going to fall on your head. Sometimes the brisk winds of life belt you and lash at your spirit like a demon on a path of destruction. Sometimes the sun shines bright and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you wonder if it’s worth it. Sometimes you struggle to believe there’s hope even when there is. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re not alone.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the beauty of life that really is there. Sometimes.

Question: Do you have any “sometimes” moments in your life? We would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

*Disclaimer* Before you send me emails or leave comments asking what in the world is going on, in light of this post, please know that not all of the “sometimes” I listed above have to do with me personally. They are a compilation of many people’s lives.




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