How “The Drop Box” Impacted Our Life And Changed Our Perspective.

This week, in partnership with Focus On The Family, the award-winning documentary The Drop Box debuted in theaters across the US for 3 nights only. The impact of the film, however, reaches farther than we can begin to imagine!


Psalm 27:10 “My father and mother may abandon me, but the Lord will take care of me.”

A few nights ago Mike and I took our two teenage daughters to see the independent film The Drop Box. The documentary chronicles the life of Pastor Lee Jong-Rak. Pastor Lee began caring for children with disabilities when his own son was born 26 years ago. His eyes were opened to the dignity of every life. Because of his compassion, desperate women began to place babies at his doorstep. Babies were in danger of dying, unprotected from the elements. Nearly 150 babies are abandoned each year in South Korea. Mothers are often afraid to tell anyone that the child even exists. Pastor Lee researched solutions and found that by creating a simple mailbox type door in the side of his home, he could provide an alternative to abandoning babies on the street to die.