Cell Phones…. The Helicopter Parent’s Best Friend.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from our good friend and fellow Indianapolis resident, Jackie Bledsoe. He is a professional blogger, author, and speaker, but first and foremost a husband and father, who encourages men to better lead and love their families through his blog, JackieBledsoe.com. He’s the author of the book and co-host of the show, The 7 Rings of Marriage™. Click here to follow Jackie on Twitter.

Cell phones are convenient. Especially when you’re a parent. But sometimes we can go overboard on checking in with our kids and tracking their every move. How do you find a healthy balance with allowing your children some freedom and making sure they are safe?

My wife and I were on the slow side as far as allowing our daughter to have a cell phone. Our daughter got “her” first cell phone several months after turning 14, and even then we were reluctant. Since then the cell phone has been somewhat beneficial, but has also brought some, no, a lot of challenges.