How To Help Your Family Understand Adoption And Foster Care.

5 Ways to Shed Light, Open Communication, and Establish Healthy Boundaries

There’s no question you will cross paths with rude, degrading, and just plain disrespectful people on the adoption or foster care journey. It will happen in the grocery store check-out line, the soccer fields, even the classroom. People can be mean. But the last people you’d expect this from are your own family members! However, it happens. Here’s how to respond when it does.


Off-handed remarks. Well-meaning, but clueless, words. Rude statements. Disrespectful glares. Hateful interactions.

If you’re an adoptive or foster parent you know exactly what I’m talking about. Unfortunately you’ve been there a time or two. You’ve stood by helpless in the grocery store line while the clerk asks intrusive questions about your daughter’s past. You’ve seethed inside after a doctor’s appointment where your pediatrician went on and on about the medical history of your son’s “real” mom and dad.