5 Ways To Find Hope In The New Year.

It’s a brand new year which means a brand new chance to start over. Unfortunately for many, the hopelessness they experienced in the old year spills into the new. Is there anyway to really find new hope as you step into the New Year?


Two-thousand fifteen was a year of ups and downs for our family. We had an equal mix of successes and failures. Success-wise, we were invited to speak all over the country at foster, adoptive, leadership, and youth conferences. We literally logged almost 20,000 miles in travel from last February through this past November. Our blog received an amazing gift from Michael Hyatt and Platform University when we were invited down to Nashville for a platform makeover which included new professional photos, and a new look to our site. Then, in October, we flew to Colorado Springs to record a radio interview with Focus On The Family.

How I Found Love, Joy, And Hope This Holiday

The Holidays. The season of perpetual joy. The thrill of hope! But often, this time of season can bring stress and anxiety upon us that is all-consuming. How can you ever find the hope, love and joy that Christmas is supposed to be about?


Oh Christmas, my favorite holiday. Well, it was my favorite holiday until this year. I have a fondness for the lights, the music, and the parties. This season brings wonderful feelings of love, joy and hope. It also brings an impossible amount of pressure. The panic hits me every year mid-December. But this year has been the worst.