Why I Won’t Accept Your Help

Pride can be a crippling thing that keeps us from owning up to the truth. But it’s so easy to make it our go-to defense in times of personal trial. How do you find the strength to be honest and accept help? We are personally learning how to do this everyday.


The phone rings, I check the caller id and weariness fills my soul. “Oh no,” I say (actually I say a swear word, but that’s an unnecessary part of the story.) “What now?” I mumble under my breath. It’s the elementary school where I currently have 4 kids enrolled. I quickly accept the call and with tension in my voice I say a quick, “Hello?” The voice of the nurse on the other end greets me with a curt, “Hello, is this Mrs. Berry?” “Yes,” I answer more worried than before. “We are concerned that Jake doesn’t have his glasses again today. Are you planning to look for them?”