Parenting Is Hard, But The Story Isn’t Over Yet.

In the trenches of parenting, it’s often easy to see only your trials, or current difficult circumstances. You feel like giving up, throwing in the towel, and calling it quits quite often. But your story, and your child’s, isn’t over yet…


My family loves antique stores. I mean LOVES them! Our local antique store is a compilation of three large barns connected through walkways. We could spend all day wandering through the booths. To watch our family on a typical day you might mistake us for an ADHD medication advertisement. We are active, impulsive and a little unfocused. That’s just us parents!

Why My Job As A Parent Is Not To Control My Child’s Emotions.

As parents, we want the best for our children. Our hearts break when their’s break, our joy soars when theirs soar. When things fall apart, we do our best to fix it. But maybe we’re not supposed to be in control of every emotion they experience.

Mother Hugging Daughter Tenderly

“What your mom needs to remember is that she isn’t in control of your emotions.” The counselor was looking right at my daughter but I knew she was talking to me. We had just had a very emotional counseling session. My daughter was asked to list her stressors. I had known for a long time that I was the cause of some of her stress and truthfully I was relieved to see my name at the very bottom of a long and honest list. Watching my daughter make the list was a mixture of sadness, pride and sheer relief.

How To Navigate The Obstacles And Big Myths Of Adoption [Podcast].

Season 2, Episode 15- The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast

The adoption journey is filled with joy, excitement, and it’s fair-share of trials. How do you navigate the obstacles, and even the myths, that are guaranteed to arise?

Season 2-Episode 15.001

In today’s episode, we’re sharing the audio recording from a recent interview that Mike did on The Prepped and Polished Podcast with Alexis Avila. Alexis is an accomplished educator, and leading voice in equipping students to succeed in standardized testing. Alexis interviewed Mike and how this blog came to be, and how to navigate the obstacles and big myths surrounding the adoption journey.

Free-Range Parenting And Why I Still Hover.

In a culture that has taught us to always be looking over our shoulder,  and never lower our defense, how involved should you be in your child’s every move?


Hover [verb]– to keep lingering about; wait near at hand.

Mike and I have been wrestling with the issue of freedom and responsibility with our children for years. Within our home we allow much freedom and encourage a high level of responsibility. We teach our children to use the stove, cut with scissors, babysit, run a dishwasher, wash, dry and fold laundry, answer the phone, feed the animals, change diapers, and the list goes on. Outside of our home is a different story.

7 Behaviors Our Children Will Learn From Us.

And what we can do to change them!

We often overlook this, but every move we make as a parent is being studied, captured and modeled by our children. This means that we have an added level of responsibility to pay close attention to.


If I’ve learned one thing from more than 13 years of parenting, it’s that I’m being watched. Always. Everyday. Nearly every hour. Except when I’m sleeping, though, because that would be creepy. Although my children have been known to stand by our bedside in the middle of the night and stare at us like Children Of The Corn! It’s a little terrifying to wake up to.