How A Simple Support Group Meeting Changed Our Life

Sometimes the moments we try to avoid the most end up having the biggest impact on our lives. We just have to open our hearts and minds to the experience. This was our story in 2011.


To be quite honest, I didn’t want to go! At all. We had this so-called “support group” date on our calendar for several weeks and every time I glanced at it, I cringed! Another waste of time, I thought to myself. Another defeating support group led by an over-confident and under-qualified facilitator who’s going to tell me how I’m failing as a foster parent!

Why You Need Support And How To Find It

Key Traits To Look For When Building Your Inner Circle

On the journey of adoption, foster care and special needs parenting, in particular, we’ve experienced numerous difficult and heartbreaking moments. The only way we were able to make it through these trying times was the encouragement and unconditional love we received from our support community.


We walked in feeling alone and defeated. We walked out feeling empowered and supported. There was nothing magical about the meeting we were attending. It was simply 8 families, all going through what we were going through, all having adopted from the foster care system, sitting around a large conference room table, sharing their pain and agony with openness and honesty.